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Casual fun if you look once, indirect feelings if you look twice

A short, horror-psychological game. It keeps many of the traits of your typical horror rpg game; a protagonist that doesn´t know where she is, and doesn´t tells you who she is, exploring a building with some monster and weird, hard to explain happenings that don´t tell you what kind of reality this is.
I recommend it for newcomers to the RPG´s if you want a short and simple game to polish your gaming skills, and to casual player to have some more of that special sensation of being immersed on the little rpg psychological world.

Character Background and Development

It´s not that relevant for such a short game, but I must praise the good indirect tips.
(Scoria, the protagonist, finds many stuff that are useful for suicidal tendencies, homesick, scared and other status. That means she feels those negative feelings a lot in the game)

These kind of things help getting a down-to-earth notion; Scoria, as many other girls and boys in horror RPG´s games, are scared and vulnerable, childish, surrounded by a mountain of factors and things they don´t understand. Sometimes we play without realizing it, so the game does well on that sense.

soundtrack - graphic design and concept of art

Art is simple, but is okay for the game´s aims. I specially like
(when we see the protagonist´s face in the bathroom. It´s cute at first, and the next times you look eyes and face disappears. Changing reflections on the mirror never gets old)

The music helps setting a good atmosphere. Low volume, sometimes almost like whispers. I give it a good score because it´s not about how “amazing” a song or OST (original soundtrack) may be by itself, but about how it combines, collaborates for the feeling you want offer to the player. A bit of creepiness, suspense, but well mixed with silence at certain occasions.

interface and user interaction

Easy to understand, no bugs, no hard times trying to understand pieces of information, status or effects. It may be nice for the enemies to say something, say, some bit of info about who they are or what is this all about, or even if they´re connected to Scoria. Backgrounds are kinda empty; we do see at first a board with some news, but that´s it. However it doesn´t affects the game´s playability neither the suspense feelings you get. Also Would be nice being able to run, but as the game is short it doesn´t really matters.

story development

There are some things that Scoria as the protagonist let us know directly. However, we can also infer a few details about their relationships with other characters. We may infer, but cannot determine with certainty, what kind of environment the games takes place in. In short, I think a good aspect of the game is being able to enjoy it without the need to clear these questions (and giving them directly would be boring too).
Even with that setting it keeps you interested; you play because you wonder what will happen and what Scoria wants.