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"The only thing which matters to me is to see you smile again. For that reason, I will
fight my way through this nightmare. Together with you!"

Eternal Dreams ~ The Last Goddess, is an upcoming visual novel for Windows (Android is also an option). Releasing the full game is scheduled for TBA on steam and other platforms. Made with the Visual Novel Maker software.

This visual novel features a yuri (lesbian romance) main pairing, which will develop over the course of the game. It is also kinetic, meaning that there will be no choices or different routes/endings. My simple goal is to make a beautiful game for everyone to enjoy.

It has been over 500 years now since a giant tower emerged from deep below the ground into the clear sky. Many brave adventurer tried to uncover the secrets that lie within, only to never return from it's seemingly endless first floors. However, ever since the entrance has been opened, more and more monsters keep coming out to hunt the living. And only a human sacrifice seems to be able to stop the flood of creatures for a short period of time.

Eternal Dreams ~ The Last Goddess follows the journey of the young Valerie, which finally meets her long-lost friend again after years. But their lovely reunion is short-lived, as the Ecto plan to offer her to the tower as the next sacrifice. Can Valerie still fulfill her duty until the very end, or will her feelings get the better of her?

Custom Artwork:
This includes character artworks, backgrounds and anything else that is related to the game. All drawn by the wonderful lightskin from deviantART. She has been our dear artist since the very beginning.

Custom Music:
No one likes to hear the same music over and over again, so we will use some that will be composed exclusively for Eternal Dreams.

Extra Content:
After the main part of the story is finished, extra events will be unlocked, including a playable epilogue and much more! This also includes a gallery with every CG of the game.

The game will be released in both English and German, letting you decide which language to use right from the start.

Please check the character page to see a complete profile for each character!

Soul Pillar: A huge tower that suddenly emerged from the ground over 500 years ago. It is unknown what lies beyond the first floors, as no one came back to tell the tale. However, more and more dangerous creatures emerge from it ever since the entrance has been opened.

Sanctuary of Erebus: Named after an ancient god, this sanctuary was build by a strange cult at the bottom of the tower. They call themselves "Ecto", and keep the balance of the world in order by offering a human sacrifice every ten years to stop the dangerous threat.

Moonhand Village: This village was created with one thought in mind, to give everyone a beautiful home. It also acts as the last stop for those who are selected as a sacrifice. Valerie currenlty lives there with other arcadians and humans. This is one of the few places in the world which allows any race inside, no matter the circumstances.

All art on this page is made by lightskin from deviantART!

Latest Blog

Project back on track

Hey guys! The wait is finally over, and ED returns from a quite long hiatus.

Honestly, switching over to VN Maker was the right call. This engine is so easy to use, very flexible, can export to pretty much any platform and even has a live preview for scenes! That alone saves me hours of work. Of course it will take a bit of time for me to get used to it, however, the result are going to be even better.

First step now is to change the whole UI to what I have in mind, and then I can start with the game itself :) .

See you with the next update!


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In case you guys didn't notice, ED has also an deviantART account. There I will upload all kind of art, even if it won't be used in the final game.

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Hiatus? Awwww. What's the deal?
You're magical to me.
Hiatus? Awwww. What's the deal?

What he said ;_;
Hiatus? Awwww. What's the deal?
What he said ;_;

Sorry, should have changed that quite a while ago, but never got to it since my life has been really hectic and difficult for over the last year. But it got better lately, so that gives me more time to work here. Eternal Dreams is not dead and never will be. However, I simply wasn't satisfied with the the whole concept anymore. Whenever I tried to work, nothing really came of it, which was really frustrating. For that very reason I currently rewrite everything from the ground up, including story and characters.

I know that this might be a bummer for people which are actually interested in how things have been. But what good is that if I cannot go on with the project as it is? However, the cast and all will stay the same, no need to worry there. Their artwork won't change.

Things I have planned for the next days:

- Revamp of this page here.
- New screenshots with the different interface, since I finally made my own.
- Presentation of the new concept.

I apologize for this drastic change, and hopefully you will be satisfied with what I have to show you as well. But seeing that there are still some people interested does make me happy :) .

Cannot wait to see what you guys think of it!
You have impeccable timing for your reviving this game. You should go participate in this event if you feel like picking up a little extra makerscore (ie. additional webspace in your Locker).
That sounds really cool, but I'm afraid the timespan is way too short xD. Aside from me wanting to take my time with it, my artist also needs to draw artworks/background and all. So, sadly that won't work.

But thank you for the suggestion!
You're magical to me.
As long as the project still lives, in one form or another, I'll keep following it ^_^ Hopefully your revamp will revitalize your interest in it :DDDDDDDD

I can certainly relate with real life getting hectic and messing with my game-making. Had a lot of that this year myself. Glad to hear things have gotten better!
Thank you, it already did! Honestly, writing everything down right from the start and not thinking about certain things later is so much better (has been a stupid habit of mine). Now I understand what went wrong and can learn from it.

TyranoBuilder does hold me back a bit with certain things it cannot do, but we have to see. Getting the project back together is my main goal now.
Just as an FYI, Tyranobuilder is available in the Engines list now, so you can change it from 'Other' if you want.

e: That Tyranobuilder icon <3
Thanks for the info, I already changed it! And that Icon is really cute xD.
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