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***RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is required to play this game***

Story: Miners dug deep into a cave to find a mysterious glowing crystal, the Demon Crystal as they called it. Only some of the men came out of the cave alive. The surviving men showed a small island town the crystal in its glory. But as the crystal was out from the caves, they noticed the townsfolk suddenly had a hunger for greed and world destruction. The people hid the crystal somewhere, and it was never found or seen again. However, rumors have recently started spreading that someone has found the crystal! Is this rumor real, or just a hoax? You have to find out who the crystal keeper is.

Info: This is my first game released on here. It is meant to be simple and a short game, beatable in some minutes. The game has only one dungeon (divided into 3 parts), one town, one playable character (divided into 3 classes), and some items, weapons, and armor and 2 playable vehicles. To make up for this however, it has some replay value, such as 3 selectable classes for the main character and many people and chests that can give you items or gold.
This is my first game, so everything is mostly simple. Random enemy encounters exist on the world map and the town, and there a few enemies and bosses. The battle system is the default system in RPG Maker VX Ace, front view and all. Some skills that are available can be used for exchange of MP or TP, and even be bought in a shop to be used by the player. Note that all the game's graphics will need RPG Make VX Ace's Run Time Package (RTP) in order to work, except for one faceset included in Version 2.

Versions: There are two versions of the game: Version 1 and 2. (Which are both available for download) Version 1 is the original version of the game that includes some bugs and other additions that are not in Version 2. For more details, check the blog post I did about it when Version 2 first came out.

Latest Blog

Version 2 is out!

An RPG Story Version 2 is out! You can download it now from the download page. This version fixes some bugs from the first version, and adds some new stuff or edits stuff in like edits on some maps, edits on some classes, enemies, scripts, text, and more minor things. RTP is still needed to make it work, so please keep that in mind.
Some Notable Changes/Edits/Fixes:
  • Added new Antidote, Power Potion, and Difficulty Stew items

  • Can leave Crystal Town and back to the world map.

  • Some enemies are made slightly easier when playing as the Sword Class.

  • Edited some maps to make them look or be walked on better.

  • Fixed some typos bugs and added some new text.

  • Staff Class can now equip weapons and armor.

  • Some parts of the world map are now restricted for lower levels.

  • Added a new little quest starring Venus and Mars from Crystal Town.

  • Added some new scripts, like on that adds an Auto Attack command. Now you can attack faster and with ease!

And more...
  • Completed
  • Zero3D
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 10/17/2015 09:36 PM
  • 01/27/2017 01:07 AM
  • 10/04/2015
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Hey, I'm poisoned but when going back to the City/village you start you got stuck.
I haven't found a way to leave that place again.
You can even get stuck when buying the ship before buying equipment - the seller stands in your way.
I haven't found an antidote either, neiter in a shop nor as a drop.
The only possible next stop is the island with the castle (or with the gleaming sword) but with the current equipment it's suicide. I'm a swords man.
And you can't run in the cave!

But the mooing chicken and the tweeting cow are really crazy!!

edit: when reentering and leaving your own house the ship is offered again (even when sold)
The woman in the house left to the mayor can be missing
What about the island in the upper right corner? There seem to be a village and a tower but you just walk over it.
And I couldn't reach the chest on the island in sub left corner. It's blocked by a stone.
Thank you for writing some bugs you experienced in the game, but some of the things you mentioned here are there on purpose and not a bug. (but I can change in some way if I wanted to)
Woops! I forgot to add an antidote item. I'll have to add it into the update of the game. You cannot run in the cave on purpose. The woman in the house to the left is randomized on purpose to sometimes appear and reappear. There is no village on that island on purpose. And that stone can be destroyed and the chest can be reached. For all the other things you mentioned, I'll have to see if I can fix or edit them.
If anyone else who has played the game can tell any possible bugs they experienced or their opinions on the game, you can tell me here.
For a beginning, the antidote and a way to leave Crystal Town again would help.
Like I said, for now to go further is suicide with the starting equipment and poison.
The Wizard is completly bugged. In status he is a swordsman, he can't equip the wizard rod...
I'll be back to the swordsman.

With the swordsman I finished the game. But with the better swords my hit-chance was so low. All the Power Potion I used for luck. Curiously there were more grammar errors in the update (the boy with the shovel, one of the shop owners says sho(p)).
And I hoped the sword I pulled out of the desert could be used as a weapon, not to hover the isle.

I'll try the axeman next.
The Triple Attack spell at Lv 7 is missing in the skill list.
The magic shop owner is bugged. I could only learn the spells from her brother.
To use Power Potion to increase MHP or MMP is nonsense, but Attack and Luck is great.
I've now fixed everything you have said now, except I can't find the shop owner that says "sho(p)))". Can you put an image or be more specific about the shop owner? Thanks.
I've now fixed everything you have said now, except I can't find the shop owner that says "sho(p)))". Can you put an image or be more specific about the shop owner? Thanks.

either the weapon or armor shop. The p of shop is missing.
Must be in the beginning of the game.
The new update should be able to download now.
Now I tested the Staff Class.
After getting Blizzard I trained in front of Tablea Castle until Level 10 (taking Spark too).
When entering the Castle, you are asked if you wan to go... there's the t missing of want.

You should stop the players from buying spells they couldn't learn or to add a hint for like mana fusion for Axe Class, cure for both...
I didn't test the heal, fire 2, etc. for the Axe Class because I didn't want to play this class again without the bug in the magic shop. With Staff Class the skills worked well.

Please change Atk to Mat for Staff Class for using the Power Potion.

One question:
The fortune teller spoke of a big slime monster after hovering the island (thanks for the Golden Sword, the Sword Class will love it). Never met it.
The new update is now up. Fixed all the things you mentioned.
When you enter the dungeon up to level 3, return to town, stock up and go back to the dungeon .. you are stuck.

I'd like to write a review if I can, but not sure if I want to play all classes. Seems to be on the easy side and very reliant on weapons (even with the supposedly more difficult sword class)
Haha What the hell is that Ending xDD
I like it pff XDDDD
Hope you continue it x3
When you enter the dungeon up to level 3, return to town, stock up and go back to the dungeon .. you are stuck.

I fixed the problem with the switch now and the new update for the game should be up to download.

Very nice! Thanks
The bridge leading to another part of the dungeon doesn't work. It only leads to the other lever instead of the bridge going downwards to the other part.

Is this a bug or part of the game?

And how do you get to Taeleb Castle? (Is the Castle name right? I forgot...)

And great game! But I can't really progress at the bridge and switches part. Since when you press the last switch that leads to the other part of the dungeon it just leads to the switch before it.. (Where you need to press the switch to make bridges and that bridges lead to another switch part.)

And great ganme!! Loved it!
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