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Fixed Download

  • pianotm
  • 11/03/2015 08:26 AM
Unfortunately, Droid Age! didn't seem to be working for other people and I couldn't figure out why. It turns out that if I don't change my package settings to shipping, then I will only package a developer version that only Unreal Engine users can access. I've remedied this with a new 32-bit download. I found that this didn't work either, and when I researched the problem, I learned that the packaging places the game file in the Win32 folder...which is buried. So, I've included an instruction manual that tells you how to open this. I've conveniently named the application in the first folder "NotThisFile" so that you don't accidentally open that one, or if you do, you know why it's not working.

Anyway, I've put through a download that should work.