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Ploe is an adventurous girl who lives in a magic forest. As a human among magical creatures, she seeks to prove herself by collecting the ancient treasure hidden in an old fortress. The quest becomes much more than she had anticipated, as she faces against deadly monsters that live inside the Fortress.

Ploe is a 2D action platformer inspired by the Momodora game series. You fight enemies and jump on platforms! This will be my first playable project in Game Maker, hopefully someone out there has fun with it.


I uploaded the "Demo" - The game's probably around 2-5 minutes in length so, which is under the minimum contest requirements (of 10 minutes). If anyone's interested in trying what I got done, go for it. The enemies and overall hit detection is super wonky, so I decided not to let you die in this demo.

Arrow Keys: Movement (Up is Jump)
A: Attack
Spacebar: Reset Level

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