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Pretty fun, but no panties involved here!

Hello and welcome to the FIRST REVIEW OF THE 2022! Yay!
After the New Years Eve I wanted to rest my braincells playing a short game that was not an rpg or strategic game... just actions and mindless fun.
Aaaaand here I am, playing Super Pantito!

Super Pantito is 2D shooter arcade made by Mirak with GameMakerStudio in 2015.
The plot is really simple (but do action shooters really need a complex plot?): the planet Panquesito is in danger, threatened by muffins coming from the outer space, but there is a hero, Pantito... no SUPER PANTITO! Super Pantito is a member of the race of Pans (that are slices of bread) that wears a red cape (but no panties) and can fly. Wait, he can also shoot, and he will shoot a lot if he wants to save his loved plane and all those who live there!

OH NO! The situation is dramatic!

Super Pantito is a simple game that reminds the old side scrollarsi games: fly around as the screen moves form left to right with the arrows, dodge projectiles and shoot the bad guys pressing "X" (keep it pressed or mash it for faster firing rate). Killed enemies may release bonus of various kind, including extra lives, and you will need them! The game is simple, but fast and furious, enemies have different behaviours (there are fifteen different types), and expect also ... (I'm sure you expected this!) ... boss fights against big baddies that will take a lot of projectiles to be defeated! And do not forget also to dodge some fixed obstacles, of course.
Oh and remember that there is no energy bar, one hit means losing a life (and you get some seconds of invulnerability), and if you lose all your lives it's game over, go back to the beginning!

The game isn't extremely long, it consist of three levels and three bosses, but hey, it's not easy at all, even if you can probably finish in 15-20 minutes if you are good, and I mean very good! Oh but take your time to read the story through some cute cinematic custom made cutscenes... or jut skip them if you already saw them before, there's the option to do that, do not worry, play freely.

Simple, easy and fast as all simple arcade games should be. I do not think there is much else to say about this game, I mean it's a quite short action game. Try it yourself and see.

Mega Croissant, you will never prevail!!!

Final Verdict
A simple but cute game, and quite challenging: you start with lots of lives and you also will find some floating around, still you will probably need them all to complete the game, trust me! The game for the rest is extremely simple, both in how it plays and how it appears, but it has a custom minimalist cute style and character that can make it immediately recognizable. It's good, really, good as the pan (I mean as *bread*, not the cookware)!