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So guys we did it, we fixed Zero Gear Fighters

This may be a surprise to you all, but I have actually updated my first publicly released game, Zero Gear Fighters. I originally released this game in 2015, and since then have grown a lot as both a person and a gave developer. As the game still stands, it's still crap, and will always be crap unless I remake it from scratch. (which I plan to do after Meteo Chronicles)

However, I CAN make it LESS CRAP, and the first step is actually making the game playable. For some stupid reason, I deleted the previous version of the game every time I made an update, and even more stupidly I deleted this piece of my history from this site. This caused previous versions that ACTUALLY WORKED to no longer be available, forcing people who didn't already have the earlier versions (which was probably about 200 people worldwide) to play the broken version 1.3, which was 100% unplayable past the second dungeon due a mapping/eventing error.

When I got a new laptop in late 2018, I couldn't transfer over any files and instead has to work from scratch. This meant that any of my old games before the original Generic RPG Quest III were lost to time. (and the switch over contributed to getting GRPGQ3's files corrupted, but that's a whole other story)

However, I just thought of something today while browsing though google images. "Wait, I have both Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension on RMN. Maybe I could download the EXEs in order to get back the files?" I did so, and it worked! I immediately started on fixing ZGF to at least the point that it was no longer unplayable before releasing the new version 1.4 up on this website for any curious soul to enjoy all it's cringe-filled content without issues.

Right now I'm still working on Meteo Chronicles, which serves as the first game in the "Chronicles of Chronicles" series. The trilogy that it's in, the "Meteo Saga," serves as a hard reboot for my first three RPG Maker games: Chronicles of Light, (unreleased, files are possibly lost to time) Zero Gear Fighters, (recovered via RMN) and Dragon Ascension. (also recovered via RMN) Right now I'm working on v0.2 of Meteo Chronicles, and after I finish Meteo Chronicles I will work on Zero Gear Chronicles and Ebony Chronicles after that. Hopefully I will be able to finish Meteo Chronicles before the end of this crazy summer. Stay tuned!


My old games have been re-released! But…

Good news, I was able to get both Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension re-released on RMN! Problem is a lot of the game's databases were altered in dramatic ways, making them pretty much completely different games. Currently, no new updates are planned for either game, but I will try to release MV versions of the games before the end of 2019. They will be the same games, just with updated visuals, some gameplay tweaks, and the final update of Dragon Ascension releasing. Thank you for following me though my many breaks and I hope you have a wonderful holiday break!


Major Problems Fixed in 1.6!

Hello everyone! A lot of people (like unity) have said that Zero Gear Fighters has many problems. So I have decided to make one final update for Zero Gear Fighters. Fixing the Zeta town class A bug in the game and clearing up some gender confusion on Zero's Info page is what this update brings. Thank you and bye.


Game Finally Complete with the 1.5 update!

Ok guys, I just posted the final update for Zero Gear Fighters, the 1.5 update! I fixes many glitches that came up many times. Like the Philip Freeze Glitch, an infamous rank A bug that froze the game whenever you fought philip. I also fixed the Female Vixi Freeze Glitch. This glitch only happened if you chose the female gender and it froze the game after you defeated Vixi. I have also added a secret Debug room. Try to find it...
...if you dare...

Anyways, hope you enjoy my game now that all the Bugs have been fixed. I am right now working hard on my next game in MV, Dragon Ascension. This is Dragonsprit99 signing out!


1.4 is out!!!

Hello everyone! Version 1.4 is now out! This update adds many bug fixes, including

-Dark Base Encounter Glitch Fixed
-Class A game-breaking Bug fixed with the Philup battle
-Dark Shard III glitch fixed

Hope you like these new changes and Happy Holidays! HOHOHO!


Needs Review

Hey guys and gals! Now that the game is pretty much complete following the 1.3 update, I would really like for you guys out there to write a review for Zero Gear Fighters! I don't care if you rate it 1 star, or if you rate it 5 stars. I just want some more community input for how you like the game. Like what the old man Linkis did. I would love to hear from you on how you liked (or didn't like) my game! Bye for Now!


Progress Report

Version 1.3!!! HOHOHOHO!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just in time for the holidays is the 1.3 update for Zero Gear Fighters! This is the final update for Zero Gear Fighters! I fixes many plot wholes that the game has. It also fixes many spelling and grammar errors. I will get MV for Christmas and transfer all my data on the next game, Dragon Ascension to MV! I will probally expect Dragon Ascension to come out around spring 2016. Bye for now!



Zero Gear Fighters Version 1.2 is out!

This update adds many things including a new secret boss and a ton of bug fixes! Hope you enjoy!




Hello guys and gals, the new update for zero gear fighters is about to launch! I know, after you fight cythia and Ina in version 1.1, the game frezes. But I will fix that and various other issues in version 1.2! It will also add a new secret boss so stay alert! Bye for Now!

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