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My old games have been re-released! But…

Good news, I was able to get both Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension re-released on RMN! Problem is a lot of the game's databases were altered in dramatic ways, making them pretty much completely different games. Currently, no new updates are planned for either game, but I will try to release MV versions of the games before the end of 2019. They will be the same games, just with updated visuals, some gameplay tweaks, and the final update of Dragon Ascension releasing. Thank you for following me though my many breaks and I hope you have a wonderful holiday break!


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My only question is do these re-releases actually work or is the game just as buggy as before?
The games are just as buggy as before in their current state. I lost the files to them a while back, but the re-mastered versions would have been completely bugfixed. However, since I made this post (It was a while ago) I decided to let the past be the past and move forward with new projects. Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension are only still up to keep the history alive. Thank you for understanding.
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