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ZERO gear fighters

Zero Gear Fighters is a traditional rpg in vxa about an adopted child named Zero. On his birthday, Zero learns that his father, who's apparently dead, was actually alive. His mother knew about this, but her memory of the exact location of said father's whereabouts were conveniently wiped by the big bad Anois. On cue, Zero's sister gets kidnapped by a demon outta nowhere who speaks in a terribly broken language reminiscent of English and calls himself Vixi. Vixi actually plans to use Zero's sister to allow big bad Anois to harness the power of the seven gears; gears that grant any wish to its bearer.

The game is... bad. No sugarcoating it. The story is bland, characters are uninteresting, dialogue ranges from tongue-in-cheek to outright jarring. Mapping is functional, but could certainly be better. Grammar is all over the place; in multiple, shattered pieces. And the list goes on.

Story and Execution: 1/5
As I have said, it is bland. Would've been acceptable if it were executed properly, but as it is, nope.

Art and Music: 2/5
Default RTP grapics and Music, with some custom music thrown in. Mostly from the RMN Music Pack, if I'm not mistaken. Nothing much to take note of in this area.

Gameplay: 1/5
It's the default battle system of VXA. While the default is rather limiting, it does still have a lot of potential for expansion, and quite some room for creativity. None of that could be seen here. It's just a plan old whack-fest. Add to that, the enemies have too much HP, that even a normal encounter would need at least 10 hits before they go down. And they're not even any special individually; just bags of HP that whack you whenever they can. Unreasonably large bags, at that.

Overall: 1.5/5
Forgive me if I was too harsh on this game, but my opinion remains the same. I cannot recommend this to others at its current state. I suggest that the developer take time to polish this game, or to practice using the engine some more, to improve future games.