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Bandits of Tynael revolves around the three young heroes: Jeremiah, Dereck and Lucienne, all part of the Ventéllian Guardians. However their newest Guardian, Jeremiah, might be young and inexperienced, he will be quite up for the trip.
Accompany Jeremiah, Dereck and Lucienne on a journey towards Destin, in the hopes of saving the few people that might await their deaths to the bandits.

It is your duty to protect all of Tynael's Civilians. There is no excuse for failure.
Your choices and involvement will decide how your environment reacts, and how the ending may take its shape.
Helping people and completing tasks and objectives may help you against the fearsome bandits, but there is only limited time before they attack.
You must divide tasks between Jeremiah, Dereck and Lucienne, and choose each task carefully. A few humans might make a huge difference in the greater plot.

Plans and features will include:
  • More than 4 Different Endings, based on your choices.

  • Different heroes and companions that will help you on your quest to prevent another disaster.

  • A broad array of characters, both memorable and... less memorable

  • Side Quests and small dungeons that provide loot and perhaps even help for your fight against the fearsome bandits of Tynael.

  • Talk with people and civilians and gain their respect.

  • Hunt down bandits and try to gain intel that will help against the siege of Destin

  • Defend the poor, even though it may be your final breath.

Note: This game is a WIP and will not be released for quite some time, and will remain a WIP for as long as I decide. I plan on releasing a small version before my 20-day trial ends (Might buy MV after salary), and will continue on this until fully released. Perhaps even continue the story even after the multiple endings.

Latest Blog

...Going down One Path

So The Bandits of Tynael* has been on the New & Notable / Buzzing Games list for a few days now, which is pretty cool. So I guess the hype is pretty real regarding the whole RPG Maker MV thing.

Speaking of this, this means that I should probably add some more blogs and new images every now and then, which I will do in just about now.

I love forests
So for the past few days I've been trying to work on a pretty big (perhaps even huge) forest. And with huge I mean huge.

Warning; huge screenshot;
Link for if you want to skip the spoiler.

So this is only a rather... small part for the forest I'm working up, which will mostly be divided into smaller parts like a grid, so to speak of. More or less, this is basically the forest filled with all kinds of scum and bandits, and it's right beside our Destination: Destin (should probably call the came Destin-atioN).

These are only 2 maps, meaning I have a total of 4 maps for the damn forest, but 4 maps for a forest isn't going to be enough.
There will be about 22 full maps with possible sub-maps in them for just the whole forest, and this will only be one location of the game;

What you have just seen are 1C and 2C, and 1D + 2D are already done, now I just need to find the right motivation to finish the other 18 maps, which will probably work out quite well.

Random Encounters
If you've read about the variable thing in my previous blog, you will know that I will get to work with using variables.
What do variables and Random Encounters have in common?

In these forests mentioned above, you will probably get a whole load of random encounters (should probably amp up the difficulty as you progress through the forest), with every bandit you kill, you will weaken their structures and gain an advantage when shit's about to get down, so to speak. So that's that.

Prepare to meet bandits and possible antagonists/alleis when walking through these forests.

Yes, there will be loot and chests in all of these areas, some may be for a pay (well it's a game about fighting bandits ofc.) and some, you may have to find.
Might even add a few small side dungeons into these forests, if I ever get to have the chance.

But there will be loot.

Cool and awesome loot.
(yay loot)

So in other words, I have nothing more to talk about, because that was basically my progress and idea-processing for the past 2 or 3 days. I'm making good progress and I will try to hand out some more information pretty soon enough, so stay tuned.

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:D i can't wait until theres a lot of good games with this new engine!
i can't wait to see what the more talented devs do! :D
:D i can't wait until theres a lot of good games with this new engine!
i can't wait to see what the more talented devs do! :D

A lot of people like the older makers because they're fun to use. Not that MV isn't fun to use, but 2k and 2k3 are so well loved because of the way they don't rely on scripts and plugins and because pixels > painterly.
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