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MinST is a minimalist turn-based strategy/tactic game on hexagon grid map. You control fighting units (archer, cavalry, shield,... ) to defeat your opponent. You can challenge the AI or a friend in hot seat mode.

The game is free from random effects. No lucky or unlucky roll will interfere with your strategic decisions so your victories are 100% based on skill. MinST also gives you the ability to create and play your own maps. And the simple map format makes them easy to share.

If you want to share your personal maps, you can post links in the comment section of the MapEditor image. http://rpgmaker.net/games/8267/images/64608/

This game is written in C as outside-of-text-book learning exercise. It is created for the No-RM Event of October 2015.

The units

Shields are the backbone of your forces. They have the best defensive equipment and easily block the enemy. They work best in tight formation where each unit protects his peers from getting surrounded. In a well planned charge move, they inflict devastating damages to the enemy line.

The archer shoots a powerful longbow. This weapon gives a lot of range (2-4) to shoot down enemies before the melee. Wielding a longbow requires a lot of movement freedom thus greatly limits the armor the archer can wear. Archers must stay away from close combat. They make excellent use of obstacle and fortification coverage.

Cavalry units move quickly on the battlefield. They are ideal at flanking the enemy and taking down isolated units. The horse high mobility gives a lot of charge opportunities. Combine a charge of your infantry with some cavalry charges to break any enemy formation.

A billmen attacks at range 2 but, unlike the archer, he can't attack behind an obstacle. On the other hand, he can charge the enemy. He is the unit of choice for your second line and provides excellent support when your formation charges the enemy.

The crossbowmen shoot deadly quarrels that inflict 3 damages at range 3 and 4 damages at range 2. Compared to the 1 damage per attack or 2 damages per charge attack of other units, the crossbow is very powerful but it requires a long time to load. You'll need some good strategy to take full advantage of the crossbowmens in your ranks!Here is the explanation why the crossbow has shorter range that the longbow.

Latest Blog

Revive MinST

I'm taking part in the Revive the dead 2 event. It is an excellent opportunity to bring MinST back to live and finish the project. Here are the progress made during the event so far.

Difficulties had and unexpected challenge
Most of the difficulties came from the improvement of the code to enable the development of new features. The code needed massive refactoring. This is a risky challenge because it could lead me to break the whole game. As it was old code, I had to rediscover its logic and this raised yet again the complexity of the task. But I managed to make the necessary improvements.

New things added
Maps are no longer limited to a single screen composed of 10 rows by 17 columns. You can scroll large maps by moving the cursor close to the screen edge.
The map editor now handle the scrollable maps. I also improved its interface to ease tile alteration and unit placement. Instead of typing command lines to alter tile and put units, you use direction keys and choose action points and health points in a simple menu.
The AI now has configurable behaviors to wait for player moves, defend/guard a location or hunt the player. The new map format allows using these behaviors but the map editor doesn't have a menu for it yet.
I also drew a cart unit for capture mission as well as a new set of walls to show who's on the defense side and benefit from the wall.

Old things removed
I removed the command line map editor where you had to open the tile set with a picture viewing software and type the tile ID to make changes.

Planning and putting together
Element I need to finish:
* build the unit logic for capture missions
* develop reinforcement to add new units while playing
* build the new wall logic to protect units behind the walls and leave units in front of the wall vulnerable
* build the campaign

Where you are now with the game
85% of the engine is completed
1% of the campaign/story is done: I just have a general storyline in mined.

Whether you think you'll finish/have a demo ready by the end
Every time I make a significant improvement to the game, I update its download. So you always have a playable demo.
I'll most likely not be able to finish the campaign but you can have fun playing the 18 maps and building some with the map editor.
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Wow, cool to see another real, C project for this event!

Good luck!
Thanks for your interest. I've just submitted a demo to the No-RMN event.
Out of curiosity, will you be releasing the source code?

Your demo only kind of works under Wine :(
I did not plan on releasing the source code. But if you want to look at it and give some feed back I'll be happy to share it.

Were you able to run the demo?
I'm on OS X, so I had to run it under Wine. It displays just fine, but it does not seem to accept input. I highly suspect that's just because it's on Wine :)

I was hoping for open source so I could see if it compiles on OS X or Linux.
Here is the source of the No-RM Event release.


It uses the function Sleep(milliseconds) from the library <windows.h> to pause half a second between AI moves so the player can see those moves. So look for "Sleep(500)" and replace with the OS X equivalent.

Feel free to comment here or via PM.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I love the new graphics <3

Gotta play this new version at some point.
I did some bug fixing and updated the download. Enjoy!
I'm on OS X, so I had to run it under Wine. It displays just fine, but it does not seem to accept input. I highly suspect that's just because it's on Wine :)

I was hoping for open source so I could see if it compiles on OS X or Linux.
I tested it; I had two issues on my mac under wine:
1. It would randomly crash on launch sometimes, and throw an error message saying it had to close.

2. When it did load and I started a battle initially I couldn't do anything - I realised that this was because the default keys were insert, delete, page up, page down and home - keys that a mac laptop doesn't have... If you go to the settings menu first and change the controls to something else, e.g. Q,W,E,A,S,D the game becomes playable.
What does the error message say? (can you copy it here)

The controls where initially designed for desktop keyboard. It's good to hear that the settings menu works under Wine and made the game playable for you.
Just want to say that I am very impressed.
Thanks Tom!

Which aspect(s) of the game do you find impressive?
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