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Version 1.2 Added


- New bonus level added! Victory Through Air Power by Solitayre.
- Some of the annoying jumps have been nerfed a bit.
- Hammer Panic Redux has been nerfed.
- Added/removed some coins for OCD aesthetic reasons.
- Removed/relocated a couple of NPCs in each level.
- Added a 5th Dragon Coin to A Bunch of Hills (whoops!)

This will probably be the last update unless someone finds a bug. Enjoy!

Progress Report

Version 1.2 Incoming

Solitayre has made a bonus level that will be added to the "normal" ending. It's an autoscroll airship-style level with a bonus star - a perfect alternative if you were only able to grab 4 of the 5 bonus stars and want to unlock the alternate final level and whatnot ;)

In addition to incorporating this new level, I plan on adjusting a couple things for polish sake based on the reviews. Should have it up some point this week.

Progress Report

Bug reports and feedback welcome!

Hey, guys. I'm always looking for honest feedback. You don't have to hold back! I might defend some of my choices but the last thing I want people to do is to hold back.

With all that said, I've been thinking about making a full-length Mario game (40ish levels, that sort of thing) over the next few months. It would be a fundamentally solid SMB3-style game with some wrinkles thrown in (e.g. plenty of secrets, and probably a secret star in each level for a bonus world of guest levels). Do you guys think there would be enough interest in something like that?

Lastly, I wanted to thank Ziggy, Hali, Kentona, and Solitayre for providing honest feedback and/or testing in the last couple days. I literally whipped this project up in like 4 days (and that's with some crazy work-related things due to the release of RPG Maker MV and whatnot!), and I was bound to make some errors along the way.


Game is complete! Download later today.

The game is complete! I'm hoping to have the download up later today; I'm having some peeps test it first. It's a very simple game - 8 levels, a couple boss throwdowns, and a few scene-levels. Good players will blaze through the game in about 15 minutes; it'll take at least twice as long to 100% the game. Collecting the Secret Star from each level takes time, and there are two extra levels after the castle if you do so!

I'm excited to have another finished project under my belt, no matter how small. This project, despite being very simple and lazy, was a huge first step to me. I'm now back into designing games as a hobby, and I couldn't be happier.


Download coming tomorrow!

See header :)

Just one more level to go. I have a few people playtesting, but honestly the game's pretty simple so I don't think it'll be a big deal.

I'm excited to finally be releasing something creative after, like, an 18 month dry spell!
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