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Progress Report

May 2020 Update #4

Hey guys !

I'm still working, just a bit slower cuz I had other stuff to do. #reallife

I did an another skill sequence for Luca, only one left

PS: I am not here to share anything else other than Suikoden stuff but if you are interested, I created a whole engine for FF7 2D Remake. It is uploaded on my youtube channel. Part 2 is coming pretty soon, I just need to record it :P

Stay tuned and stay safe !


May 2020 Update #3

Hey guys!

I had fun last year, using my combat system and reproducing Suikoden 1. I had never shared it before so here it is!

Suikoden 2 Demo

No worries, I'm still working hard on the Demo. I did a couple of things , here is a little preview of one of the rune spell.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Progress Report

May 2020 Update #2

Hey guys.

I worked hard during these past 2 days for a video. Everything is almost done, I just need more time to create some spells/magics for this fight.
Here is the picture of the that fight.

Stay tuned!

PS: I guess I'll add it as a DEMO , for people who wants to try it :P

Progress Report

May 2020 Update

Hey guys!

I just want to let you know that I'm working on an updated version of my battle system to add some other stuff to make it more like in suikoden 2. It is like a revamp to make it more dynamic and better looking/nicer.

Here is the link of the video
Battle System v2.0 update

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to not miss the future updates

WDF Soft Channel

Here is one my last updated picture

Gonna upload a shitload of stuff on my channel soon.

Keep tuned

Stay safe guys and Peace out!


Short Story

Hey guys what's up !

First story
There are some changes for me. Maybe for some of you, already know that I'm helping an another guy for his Suikoden fan game.
Here are some links
A prelude to Suikoden II

His name is Chris.

I gave him a couple of my scripts , we are helping each other. He's helping me doing some sprites too.

Second Story
I got a good beta tester for my game. I didn't receive a lot of requests, but I least got one guy.

On the same not, I'm still working on finishing my intro that comes after the ACT 1. It takes some time because I'm a perfectionist but well it is going well so far.

Third Story
I guess some of you are waiting for so long and don't expect anything from now on. I know that feeling well, trust me! For anyone who creates a game, you know exactly HOW it is to be a one man army... If you guys can write me a message or anything just to give me hope, just do it. It is always fun to read any of your comments! I really appreciate it! :)

Last Story

There was a WIP for a side story for Sasuke

Progress Report

A little gift for you guys


Beta Testing

I'll take the first 10 people for a beta testing. Just send me a PM and I'll send you the ACT 1. I'm still working on a solid intro. That's the only thing missing for a while now.

The game will be release after the beta testing.

I'm waiting for you guys :)

PS: For the rest of you who have been chosen as a beta tester, you'll receive a copy of it too, no worries !

Cheers !

1- kenlan


Please be advised !

Because of one guy or maybe some people, stealing my demo and pretending to be the owner. I'm not so sure to release more stuff here unprotected.

Name: Rydwha (staff of suikoden 2.5 facebook/ suikoden another stories)

I know he didn't say anywhere that it is from him in any ways. But!!! He can't just post a video of it without my permission.PLUS he added a download link to it!

I was completely aware that releasing an open source project(no protection) could go wrong like this. If you steal it and have fun creating other stuff just for YOURSELF, never pretending to be the creator, I don't !?%&%@! mind!

I've put so much time and efforts(hundreds of hours) on this project. That only thing u need, is a decrypter and 5 mins to waste .... to steal others. Well it is inexcusable !!! (In my book)

I'm an open guy, open to any help ! Why don't you just ask me ?!



The Arena is available

---- THE ARENA ----

PLEASE post everything related to "The Arena" in the proper section.

Don't forget to download the font !

The Arena Version 1.0

Download Links
- The Arena page
- Downloads section

Have fun !

Please let me know what you think :)


Long time no see guys !

Whats up ?

Many changes are coming up. But for now I'll release a demo called "The Arena".
It'll be available for everyone !

See you soon !

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