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LIVENEL ~Characters & Gameplay Update~

  • cradth
  • 05/20/2020 04:35 AM
Hello, it's been a while since the last update I released several months ago.
Up to this May, new gameplay and character profile have been reworked in recent
weeks, following the classic Turn Based-Battle System which becomes the offical
combat system for this game. :)



Elmsphere are magic spheres that allow the player to cast various Mantra (magic).
These spheres will grant its user with various mantras or abilities that can be
used in a battle, or reproduce a specific mantra that can only be conjured/used
by a character proficient in that type of mantra to interact with objects, or
people outside battle. For an example, Water Mantra is used for watering your
crops and flowers in the garden.

Each Elmsphere is working in conjunction with other equipped Elmsphere. It means,
you'll get new mantra if you have 2 Elmspheres equipped in slots that are next to
each other. For examples, if you equipped two Wind Elmspheres next to each other,
it'll give you a mantra that can be learned from Gale Elmsphere (Wind + Wind = Gale),
if you equipped a Fire Elmsphere next to Flare Elmsphere, it'll give you
a mantra with Blaze elemental (Flare + Fire = Blaze).


Mantra (or skill) is divided into 4 Category :

You can learn this mantra from various Elmspheres that can be equipped
to your Elemantra Caster device. Each Elmsphere has its own specific
mantra, such as offensive magic, supportive magic and unique command.

You can learn this mantra from TEC Virtual Trainer. But first, you must
buy more VT Cards at shop to unlock each VT Ability. Player's team may
well have different styles of core mantra.

It's the Ultimate Mantra. A set of abilities that also unique to each
character. They function similarly to Core Mantra but far stronger.
Your characters can summon Elemantra Spirits or perform devastating combo.
This type of mantra consumes Elemantra Gauge.

It refers to a character's row during combat, which boosts some basic
stats and affects overall performance. All characters have a set of strategic
abilities that can change their row and fight as Berserker, Attacker, Observer,
Defender or Ranger. Higher Aggression Meter means higher PWR and INT.
But in turn, END and RNG are reduced. There are some abilities that can
change enemy's row too.


And, here's another set of abilities called Strategy. These abilities not
only change row and give stats boost to both sides, but also give buffs,
debuffs and heals. During combat, manageability of Strategy is a crucial
issue, switching ally's row or enemy's row in many different situation is
more important than spamming Mantra / Attack.


I added a minimap feature called Obscure (Previously, it was for Active Time
Event purpose). This minimap will show character's position, bed/rest, shops
and transvault locations. NPC and treasure chests are excluded because I change
their location more often than anything else. XD