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LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift v1.36 is now available~

  • cradth
  • 12/09/2021 04:45 AM
Chapter 1 Update | Q2 December 2021

LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift v1.35 is now available~


Changelogs v1.31

+ Added new enemy, #009 Dark Altair.
+ Added 2 new areas in Dyna Base, Sector 20.
+ Simplified Access Point Hacking in Dyna Base.
+ Simplified Access Point Hacking in Blue Wyvern airship.

+ Improved all dialogues for Blue Wyvern NPCs.
+ Improved all dialogues for Teirra Haven NPCS.
+ Improved all dialogues for TEC Personal Assistant Lyne.

+ Changed the button icon for NPCs and objects in map.
+ Updated the button icon X and Y anchor.
+ Updated the Location Name in Dyna Base.

+ Updated all images for Enemy Data, Character Profile and Game Tutorial.
+ Updated the some background images, including Save Mission, Elmsphere setup,
Elemantra chart, etc *Xbox controller friendly.

+ Removed guide arrow on some objects.

+ Fixed an issue where the button icon keeps reappearing even after
the Guide feature is turned OFF.


Hotfix v1.32

+ Improved all dialogues for Dyna Base NPCs.

+ Removed button icons for important objects, now they're
using "arrow" and can be activated by touching them.
+ Fixed button icons for all NPCs.

+ Updated Lucain's image in Character Profile.
+ Updated Dark Altair's image in Enemy Data.

+ Fixed all wrong names in the Enemy Data.

Changelogs v1.33 and v1.34

+ Simplified Mission Menu.
+ Simplified Virtual Trainer.
+ Added new equipments.
+ Fixed some equips and items description.
+ Improved all dialogues in Main Missions.

+ New HUD for Mission Menu and Virtual Trainer.
+ Fixed character sprites for corpse, guide arrow and VT Icons.
+ Fixed all lighting effects in Dyna Base - Sector 26.
+ Fixed all tilesets in Dyna Base - Sector 26.
+ Fixed all shadows in Dyna Base - Sector 26.

+ Removed MAP LAG in Dyna Base and Teirra Forest
(caused by unused "loop" events).


Hotfix v1.35

+ Removed unimportant guide arrows in Lucain's Room.
+ Fixed an issue where the GUIDE feature doesn't work
after the first installation of Hyperion Termina.


Update v1.36

+ Added new TEC App called VIDEO for Avelions Reminiscene.
+ Corrected some dialogues during Chapter 1 - final battle.
+ Removed buff animation for Lucain's Godspeed Innate Ability.

+ Fixed x and y coordinates for Buff / Debuff Icon.
+ Fixed x and y coordinates for Row formation.

+ Fixed all upper layers (shadows) in Dyna Base.
+ Fixed the options in TEC Hub, where you can reset the Game Setting.