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Grandblitz - Card Battle (LIVENEL)

  • cradth
  • 01/26/2022 01:06 PM
MINIGAME | Card Battle Concept | Q4 January 2022

GRANDBLITZ - Card Battle

Description :

Grandblitz - Card Battle is a custom minigame, specifically created for LIVENEL
(Four minigames have been planned, including Jetbike Race, Airship Battle and
Sniper / Shooter Mission). The main concept was substantially finished along with
the first portion of the card collection, using the monsters and characters from
Chapter 1. This card battle was intended to reimagine the original lore of the
main game in a simplest way.

Preparation :

- To set up a REALM DECK, access your TEC Apps -> CARDS. Up to 6 cards of any
Rarity can be selected from the CARD LIST.

- All cards will be classified by their Rarity : Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic
and Legendary
. The higher its rarity, the more powerful the card.

Basic Rules :

- Two players take turns selecting cards from their REALM DECK. The numbers in
the top-left corner of the card representing its POWER or PWR.

- Selected card from the REALM DECK will be deployed as CHASER, HUNTER or
. Chaser can attack the opponent and Leader can use its Skill.

- Hunter can capture one "weaker" card with matching ELEMENTAL from the
ASTRAL DECK. Each set of a hunter and "captured" card will be sent to

- Players will add up their cards' PWR in the SQUAD DECK and gain additional PWR
of every correct FORMATION (FRM).

Objective :

- The main objective is to build more POWER than the opponent. In the last round,
both players will use their TOTAL POWER to attack.

- The winner is the player who has more POWER in their SQUAD DECK while performing

Card Battle Test 1 :


Happy New Year!