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LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift FULL vers. Release Date~

  • cradth
  • 03/07/2022 08:09 AM
Chapter 1 Update | Q1 March 2022

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.49d is now available~

My apologize for all those constant updates in the recent months. It's been almost
two years now since I reworked this project into episodic game with more plausible
features. That being said, v1.49 will be the last demo version of the game.

*Please scroll down to the second part of this blog to read more information related to
LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift PART 1 Full Release.



Changelogs v1.49c


+ Updated some rules and KEYWORDS in GRANDBLITZ Card Battle.
Chaser, Hunter and Leader -> Attacker, Defender and Trickster.
+ Updated the DATABASE feature. Now it'll record the game tutorial,
character, and bestiary accurately. *Compatible with old save data.
+ Updated the game lores and main mission dialogues.

+ Added SPECIAL BUFF : REFRESHED FIGHTER, it's a temporary buff applied
by taking a bath. You'll get extra AP recovery in the beginning of the battle.
+ Added 4 NEW MAPS, 1 in Dyna Base and 3 in Ancient Tomb.
+ FASTER ANIMATION when player opens a Spheria Chest.
+ Now player can't use the mirror in the bathroom when the lights are off.


+ Updated the barrier animation for Eidart.
+ Updated the size and battle sprites for some monsters.
+ Updated BG image for AR - Docking System Menu.

+ Fixed the character sprites for all "sitting" & "desktop" NPCs.
+ Fixed two entries in Enemy Data, No.021 and No.022.
+ Fixed Completed Status for some missions.


+ Fixed an issue where the Date/Time HUD will disappear after
accessing Hyperion Termina in Teirra Haven.
+ Fixed an issue where the Date/Time HUD will disappear after
accessing Astral Raid - Docking System in Lucain's Room.

+ Fixed an issue where the player can activate the chair that
gives AP Regeneration from wrong direction.
+ Fixed an issue where the player can save the game progress on
specific maps (Not the Safe Zone) while playing on Hard Difficulty.

+ Fixed an issue where the Guide/Hint feature will disappear after
activating/deactivating the RAM Boost - TEC App.


+ Hotfix v1.49d, REMOVED "permanent" dim screen after talked to Karra
at Teirra Haven 1st Floor.


So far, here's the complete list of changes and game features that will be included in
LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift PART 1.

PART 1 Full v1.51

+ It'll cover the first 3 CHAPTERS of the story.
+ Huge world-building with twists and turns, affected by
player's decision.
+ The 3 Party Leaders will have their own UNIQUE GAMEPLAY :

Lucain's Party -> Simulation with MMORPG elements.
Velia's Party -> Rogue-like with Stealth elements.
Maegarf's Party -> Dark, dungeon crawler with Investigation elements.

+ There are 6 fully PLAYABLE CHARACTERS.
+ There are 50 monsters with EXTRA ABILITIES. Spamming Attack won't
kill them easily.
+ There are 32 MISSIONS (Main Missions + Side Missions) in total.
+ 20 - 25 hours PLAYTIME.

+ Free-Roam map system, similar to AVELIONS 4 - ORACION MEMOIRS.

The estimated Release Date of the PART 1 is December 2022.