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LIVENEL Chapter 1 FULL v1.50.3 is now available~

  • cradth
  • 04/24/2022 09:23 AM
Chapter 1 FULL | April 2022

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

CHAPTER 1 FULL v1.50.3 is now available~


Changelogs v1.50.3


+ Added RANK PROMOTION Mission near the end of Chapter 1.
+ Added NEW SCENES for Sky Whirlpool Side Mission.
+ Added NEW DETAIL on Minimap.

+ Renamed some keywords. E.g. Obscure -> Obscura Minimap.
+ Renamed some NPCs. E.g. Lisa Teirra -> Lisha Teirra.

+ Now players CAN'T SIT on the bench if there are monsters NEARBY.
+ Now WYRM GARGALOS can be defeated to advance the game progress.


+ Fixed all tree pictures in PARALLAX MAPPING (Mostly the uppermost layers).
+ Fixed some Side-Mission FOLDER names. E.g. Bag for hired -> Bags for Hire.

+ Fixed ASTRAL RAID Mode in some areas, including Lucain's FACESET.


+ Fixed an issue where Maegarf didn't show up in the end of Chapter 1.
+ Fixed an issue where Eidart shows wrong dialogues in Teirra Haven.