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LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift ~Full Release Info~

  • cradth
  • 07/27/2022 04:46 AM
Hi, everyone. It's been a while since the last time I actually posted
a proper, informative blog. I want to inform you with everything that is
going on and is perhaps one of the most important updates for this game.

That being said, I've just replaced the tech-demo, from v1.50 to v1.00.
v1.00 still keeps all improvements and major updates from v1.50, but it has
shorter playtime, approx. 1-2 hours. Previously, it has 5-6 hours playtime,
a tech-demo shouldn't be that long, right? :)

Also, about the FULL RELEASE of the game, I had said that it would play out
over multiple chapters. Now I can announce that the complete project will be
a three-part series made up of :

LIVENEL Nocturnal Skyrift
-> Consisting of 3 Chapters, Lucain Erhezen & TEAM RED

LIVENEL Unsettling Moonlight
-> Consisting of 3 Chapters, Velia Ausrinne & TEAM GREEN

LIVENEL Infernal Abyss
-> Consisting of 3 Chapters, Maegarf Thal & TEAM BLUE

Of course, you can still switch and play the other teams to advance
the game progress in each game title. They'll have fewer scenes but your
decisions are the major factor that make up the game's endings.


Last but not least, here's the current version of the tech-demo and
the confirmed official release date for LIVENEL Nocturnal Skyrift.

Latest version : DEMO v1.00
Next Update : FULL v1.51 on December 1st 2022!!!

Stay tuned!