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LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift Future Updates & GDWC Edition

  • cradth
  • 12/08/2022 01:46 AM
Hello...! It's been a while, and I haven't posted any update about
LIVENEL in the last 2 months. I've shared some information with friends
but I constantly change my mind a lot. xD That being said, I think it's
the right time to tell you everything, all about what I've been up to.
Especially the features of the upcoming GDWC Edition.

Let's get started!


LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift
Future Updates | GDWC Edition

What is LIVENEL ~GDWC Edition~?

I submitted this game to Game Development World Championship 2022,
and luckily enough, it has passed the validation and evaluation stage,
despite the fact that it is very poorly written. So, the next version,
v1.60, will feature the improvement that is needed to get the visibility
in that competition.

If you have time, please kindly support this game to grow, and spread
the words, here's the link :



New Features in GDWC Edition!

FULLY PLAYABLE Chapter 1 - Chapter 4. with 8-10 Hours Gameplay.
Added 3 Sub-Chapters including Maegarf's Scenario.
You can change ROW / STRATEGY from the TEC Apps.

Improvements in GDWC Edition!

Enemies now drop more offerings.
Added more VT Cards to be found in map.
Faster EAT AND DRINK activity.
Improved the behaviour of some NPCs,
they‘ll talk often about current situation. etc

New Sub-Chapters!

There are currently 3 MAIN CHAPTERS in the game. One main chapter plus
three sub-chapters will be added to reveal the past. Thus, Maegarf's scenario
will be covered in these sub-chapters, from the moment Kingdoms Alliance fell
to the time where Maegarf leads the current rebel army. Unlocking these
sub-chapters will be pretty straightforward after the main chapter ended.

New Playable Character : MAEGARF THAL!

Maegarf Thal is a character that has appeared in almost all Avelions games;
both the main series and spinoffs. He's the anti-hero prodigy who partially
responsible for the main conflict in the series as a result of his unparalleled
magic prowess. Maegarf is far older than the main casts by several millenniums,
portrayed as the shadow leader in Avelions 2 and 4. So, What is Maegarf's role
in LIVENEL? You'll find out soon!

New Character Sprites & Battlers!

The side-view battler and spritesheet of several characters have been
upgraded with new detail and sharpness. New screenies :


Part 2! New cities and areas also will be added!

New Cities & Areas

Crimson Valoz Dorms
Crimson Valoz Dorms are single-unit room dormitories immediately north-east
of Helvar Valoz, the second largest Eisenrealm in Diaclou Sky Kingdom.
The dorms linked by a special Warp Point and it is where most “Red” Eisenclad
Army officers live. This place lies underneath the clouds at the western side
of the Elvanyr Mountain, near the Genesis River.

Ingram was Deflario's main residential district, composed entirely of rocky
promontory overlooking the sunset clouds. Bisected by the famous Ryxia Rivers,
it contained tall buildings, houses, and many shops. In the past, Ingram was
a stronghold that usually patrolled by the “Golden” Eisenclad Army, before
it was ultimately destroyed by the “Silver” Eisenclad Army from Diaclou in
the War of Four Great Powers.

City of Ramzazio
The cultural centers of the condemned Ruvengard Crystalys and the seat of
the old Diaclou Kingdom. The city itself has been abandoned by its citizen,
thus, making the criminals clustered together to form a self-contained habitat
in Castle Garveil. This city also has a maximum-security prison for the most
dangerous criminals. It is located underwater in the middle of the Astria Lake.

Silovisa is a solitary town in Dorchadaz Crystalys, surrounded by a series of
swindling grasslands. Within these grasslands are various gigantic beasts and
predator class specters. The civilians in this town are permitted to use any
kind of wild mantra to protect themself from specter threats.


I'll share new gameplay and new maps on yt channel soon!