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Welcome, expendable people test pilots!

Our scientists have developed a new craft while procrastinating on getting degrees from an actual accredited institution. This experimental new craft utilizes brand new science-y technology, but we need your help to test it. Luckily, we have a series of test courses with which to test this new craft's capabilities. Please help our scientists by maneuvering the craft towards the designated area of each course.

Rest assured, this testing sequence has been developed by real engineering students professional engineers and is totally safe. There most definitely will not be pits of molten steel, high-powered lasers, strong winds, or platforms floating above an infinite void. The maneuverability of the experimental craft has been described as "unlike anything I've ever seen". And our scientists say that your craft is 'like, most definitely invincible', so even if we may have slightly exaggerated the lack of lethal hazards, you'll still be at least 20% 100% safe. Probably.

No prior experience as test pilot required. Applicants with no next of kin preferred.

Latest Blog

v0.8.0 release (October non-RPG maker entry)

The contest release for the Non-RPG Maker event is now available and it's, well... not quite finished. Like, not even remotely.

(This is what happens when you wait until a week before the deadline before getting started.)

At the present point, I believe that the game is just simply not that fun. You may note that the gamepage description refers to several level hazards that don't appear in the current version of the game itself -- unfortunately, implementing new mechanics was something I didn't have time for, and there was only a limited amount of level design I could come up with using only the existing mechanics. As such, I believe that the next release will focus on implementing these.
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  • 10/30/2015 11:28 AM
  • 11/01/2015 05:16 PM
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