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Version D0.40 Update 2 released!

It’s been a while since the last update. Summer ended up just a hectic as spring. Regardless, I worked on a new update. This is primarily a lot of fit and finish work, fixing some issues and improving some aspects. I’ve also done some optimizations to northbridge so it works faster and remove the WebView2 component (since it’s no longer necessary). The links on the “Information” menu will simply open the sites on your browser. Thus, all of the mirrors will have one package that is smaller. Also, this update brings the overhauled Crystal Caves as well.

Here’s the changelog:

- FPS Sync turned on by default.
- Overhauled Crystal Caves.
- Consolidated and re-designed the map.
- Re-worked the battles to accommodate this.
- Tweaked the ration of smaller squads to large ones.
- Updated renderer.
- Added hints for the game mechanics.
- Tweaked and/or fixed some of the text.
- Tweaked the accuracy of the squadron.
- Tweaked the accuracy of Ramming Punch.
- Tweaks to the crash report system.
- Minor balance to the Assassin.
- Reduced the number of items to cache.
- Fixed a bug where the text for "Guardian Angel" isn't showing.

- It will now show if the launcher is checking the game's files at startup. Reduces the time from the splash screen to the launcher UI.
- File checking is skipped when the game is launched from the launcher (instead of the shortcut in the Jump List).
- Performance and memory usage improvements.
- Removed the WebView component as it is no longer necessary.
- Links in the "Information" menu will simply open the links to the browser.


Northbridge Update: April 18th 2022

Well... This update is speedy.

This update to Northbridge comes with a big performance boost. Under-the hood, I did the following:

- I've switched the container Prism used from Unity (no, not the engine) to DryIoc. This brings better performance for Prism.
- I've slightly re-tooled the Game Master so it follows the MVVM design.
- I've re-enabled multi-core JIT. It was disabled in the previous releases due to some technical issues I've encountered.

So, how much performance did it get? In simpler term, a lot. The launcher saw a small improvement. But the Game Master? It cut the time from the launch to the title screen by half. Even cache management saw a performance boost. To the point where the reset cache option was basically untraceable on an SSD. I might have to put a small animation on it so it doesn't look jarring. Imagine if .NET's Just-In-Time compiler reached maximum optimization...

When I was overhauling Northbridge, I wanted it to be speedy and robust. And with this patch, I've completed this long-term item with flying colors.

Anyways, here's the changelog:

- Re-enabled multi-core JIT.
- Switched Prism's container from Unity to DryIoc.
- Vastly improved performance for the Game Master.
- Minor memory usage improvements.
- Removed unnecessary libraries.
- Implemented a fail-safe when resetting or rebuilding the cache.


Build 20220415 released!

- Implemented new defaults for the sound settings.
- Fixed a soft-lock, where skipping one of the prologue scenes would break the script.
- Tweaks to the memory management.
- Minor balancing tweaks.

Re-worked the save export UI.
- Applied a fail-safe if the user selected no files to export and clicked on Export.
- Fixed some localization issues.
- Behind-the-scenes changes to improve stability.


Northbridge Update (Windows Only): April 11th 2022

Released a patch for the game today, which brings a small update to the launcher (if you are playing the game on Linux, you can skip this one). With this update, the package versioning and the list of file hashes (used to verify that there are no tampered, damaged or missing files that would break the game) are separate from the launcher. When the game starts, it will load them up from a few files. This makes it easier to push out updates to the game (and implement future features as well).

Northbridge Changelog:
-Package version and file hash list are stored in two files.
-Sped up the launch times for both the Game Master and the launcher.
-The game version is referenced from a manifest file.
-Fixed localisation issues.
-Fixed bugs related to the file checks.
-Fixed a bug, where resetting the cache (Cache Management -> Reset) would instead start the game.
-Library updates.


Version D0.40 (Arcane Steel) released!

After months of work, I am happy to announce that I have released version D0.40 (codename "Arcane Steel"). This version of the game comes with a ton of quality-of-life changes, re-works, and the overhauled Northbridge Platform. Although, there's still work to be done, the new foundation will allow me to further refine the game.

A few important things to note:
- Due to heavy changes in the engine, this version breaks the old saves. You'll have to start over, sadly.
- To make sure you don't have any issues, I recommend uninstalling the game and then install the latest version. This makes sure that no issues would crop up (due to the new structure).
- Once you update and start the game, the older versions of the game will crash (this is due to the new Package Manager). If you want to roll back to the previous version, clear the cache, then downgrade.

With that out of the way, here's the condensed version of the changelog. You can see the detailed one in the roadmap:

-Various balancing changes.
-Added the option for Fullscreen.
-Added automatic saves.
-Added achievements.
-Changed the loading screen.
-Fixed some issues with the text.
-Fixed the issue where the game would show deleted saves as if they were still there.
-Improvements to memory management.
-Fixed an issue where the states counter wouldn't show up correctly.
-Fixed an issue where armor and weapons were registered in the inventory as separate entities.

-Overhauled Northbridge, with a new UI, new logic (following a Model-View-ViewModel design) and a batch of quality-of-life updates.
-Settings are now saved in the "Saved Games" folder.
-Launching the game and backups are handled via a separate executable.
-Support for long file paths (Windows 10 and newer).
-Improved Package Manager, with faster decompression times and a new progress UI.
-Updated to .NET 6.
-Added code to prevent the launcher from launching twice.
-Improved the reliability of the Backup System.
-Removed some features that are pointless or removed after updating to a new renderer.

Progress Report

Montly Sync: July 2021

Welcome to July's recap. The isn't much to talk about this month due to some IRL stuff happening and working on my summer job. However, I am getting closer to improving the combat system of the game, alongside doing some improvements to Northbridge.

Let's start with the improvements on the gameplay: Armor penetration was implemented fully into the game's foundation. This is a necessity in order to implement some new skills, in addition to improving some of the character's skills as well. And these characters are pretty much ready to be re-worked. This also applies to enemies as well, giving a bit more diversity to them (and making the battles more interesting). Getting the new gameplay system working will introduce breaking changes to the database but I do hope that it will be minimal.

Now, over to Northbridge: Work is going on to make the platform more modular and easier to maintain and improve. One of the things I wanted to improve is the backup system. While it worked well, I wish it was more robust. So, I added a new icon that will appear when the backup system is active. I've also re-worked part of the mechanism so it's more reliable.

That is all for now. See you in the next post.


Version D0.32 released!

After a few months of work, the first build of 2021 is available now. This brings a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. It’s also the first build that includes a few major changes, as part of a massive overhaul (coming into new builds in the future).


- Re-wrote part of the prologue.
- Added name tags to NPCs.
- Adjusted some of the text.
- Tidied up the Options menu.
- Added a scroll bar to improve the visibility of the options.
- More details are now shown in the pause menu.
- Changed the icon of the inventory option in the Actor Command.
- When an enemy guards and an attack with an element that he’s weak to hits, it will show Guarded instead of Resisted.
- Removed Row Formation.
- Moved the option to show hints from the start of a new game to the Options menu.
- Improved some of the maps.
- Balancing changes.
- Tweaked the Automatic Crash Report mechanism to improve the context of a crash (see the included Readme or the eManual for more information).
- Adjustments to the cache for the game.
- Fixed a crash when the migration tool ran in certain cases.
- Fixed an issue where some shops didn’t use the linked shops.
- Various bug fixes.

- Changed the theme from Office 2019 Black to Fluent Dark.
- Removed code that is no longer necessary.
- Improved start-up time.
- Consolidated some of the code to the core library.
- Fixed some bugs.

Installer/Microsoft Store
- You now have the option to remove the included copy of WebView2, if you have it installed.
- You now have the option to remove the Standalone version from the computer, if you install the Microsoft Store version.


Build 20201222 released!

-Linked the shops together.
-Fixed some graphical errors.
-Fixed errors in the text for some items.

-Implemented tweaks to improve performance.
-Implemented the following improvements to the package manager:
-Improved error handling in the first startup.
-Tweaked the update check to improve error handling.
-Added a message to inform the player that some of the space will be reserved.
-Added the option to reset the cache.
-Updated components and Edge WebView2.


A batch of updates!

Quick note: This is a collection of updates that were released, but not announced here.

D0.31 Update 1:

-Overhauled parts of the prologue.
-Edited part of the dialogue.
-Adjusted the message boxes so they are comfortable for players with big screens.
-Changed some of the sounds.
-Implemented a fade-in for the music for some scenes.
-Minor balancing changes.
-Fixed a bug that would lock up the game when it tried to load a now removed face graphic.
-Fixed a bug where the Steal skill wouldn’t work.

-Implemented a splash screen.
-Removed Xceed WPF Toolkit from the launcher. This resulted in changing the slot selector.

Version D0.31 Update 2
-Added hint for the elemental affinity.
-Added a save patching system.
-Slight edits to some maps.
-Strike replaces Attack.
-Re-balanced the enemies in the Crystal Cave.
-Visual fixes.
-Fixed some bugs with some cutscenes.
-Fixed a bug where the rewards wouldn’t be marked on the Journal.
-Fixed a bug where the game would register the “Slime Hunt” mission as complete in the Journal.

-UI adjustments.

Version D0.31 Update 3

-Overhauled memory management and pre-caching.
-May fix a bug where the game would (in rare cases) remove some important images for the game too early.
-Updated some of the game’s libraries.
-Overhauled the resource checks for the battle options.
-Added a feedback window. This will appear if the game crashes and the user opted-in for error reports.
-Changed the E. Skill to Enemy Skills (Enemy S. in the actor commands).
-Swapped the enemies in the Rogue Lair with Rookies.
-Bug fixes.

-Improvements to the error reporting system.

Version D0.31 Update 4

(Important note for the users of the Windows Standalone package: It's recommended to uninstall the old version before installing the new one. This is to ensure a clean installation.)​

-Encounter immunity was added.
-Tweaked some of the text in the prologue.
-Fixed a bug that would cause an icon to be shown above the location that they were.

-Included new icons to the buttons.
-Integrated Halva packages (Windows only).
-Improves download size.
-Reduces launch times.
-Bug fixes and improvements.

Known Issue:
- The game may crash when Northbridge updates the packages. This is due to Windows locking the write permissions so only the user that first ran the game and clicked Play. As a temporary fix, run the launcher as an admin. (This only applies when updating from this build).


Second Edition reaches stable!

After a few years of tuning and getting the placeholder assets replaced (for the most part), I’m happy to announce that Immortal Sins Second Edition. Although the changes between D0.31 and the last build are minor, this reaches an important milestone: The game has fully transitioned to RPG Maker MV and it has reached feature complete status. This means that I have reached the Beta milestone. All that’s left is to finish the story. You’ll be pretty much seeing balancing changes and bug fixes for the most part.

Now, if you are on the D0.20 builds, you will see a lot of improvements and changes, including an overhauled engine and gameplay, extra scenes and guild missions, etc. Sadly, compatibility with the old saves is broken, but I believe it’s a small price to pay for a vastly improved game.

That is all for now. See you in the next post.

Changelog for D0.31:

- Fixed a game-breaking bug that would lock up the player in the Mendor prison if they saved, exited the game and then load the save.

- Balancing changes.

- Reduced game size.

- Minor bug fixes.