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Version D0.32 released!

After a few months of work, the first build of 2021 is available now. This brings a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. It’s also the first build that includes a few major changes, as part of a massive overhaul (coming into new builds in the future).


- Re-wrote part of the prologue.
- Added name tags to NPCs.
- Adjusted some of the text.
- Tidied up the Options menu.
- Added a scroll bar to improve the visibility of the options.
- More details are now shown in the pause menu.
- Changed the icon of the inventory option in the Actor Command.
- When an enemy guards and an attack with an element that he’s weak to hits, it will show Guarded instead of Resisted.
- Removed Row Formation.
- Moved the option to show hints from the start of a new game to the Options menu.
- Improved some of the maps.
- Balancing changes.
- Tweaked the Automatic Crash Report mechanism to improve the context of a crash (see the included Readme or the eManual for more information).
- Adjustments to the cache for the game.
- Fixed a crash when the migration tool ran in certain cases.
- Fixed an issue where some shops didn’t use the linked shops.
- Various bug fixes.

- Changed the theme from Office 2019 Black to Fluent Dark.
- Removed code that is no longer necessary.
- Improved start-up time.
- Consolidated some of the code to the core library.
- Fixed some bugs.

Installer/Microsoft Store
- You now have the option to remove the included copy of WebView2, if you have it installed.
- You now have the option to remove the Standalone version from the computer, if you install the Microsoft Store version.