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Version D0.40 Update 2 released!

It’s been a while since the last update. Summer ended up just a hectic as spring. Regardless, I worked on a new update. This is primarily a lot of fit and finish work, fixing some issues and improving some aspects. I’ve also done some optimizations to northbridge so it works faster and remove the WebView2 component (since it’s no longer necessary). The links on the “Information” menu will simply open the sites on your browser. Thus, all of the mirrors will have one package that is smaller. Also, this update brings the overhauled Crystal Caves as well.

Here’s the changelog:

- FPS Sync turned on by default.
- Overhauled Crystal Caves.
- Consolidated and re-designed the map.
- Re-worked the battles to accommodate this.
- Tweaked the ration of smaller squads to large ones.
- Updated renderer.
- Added hints for the game mechanics.
- Tweaked and/or fixed some of the text.
- Tweaked the accuracy of the squadron.
- Tweaked the accuracy of Ramming Punch.
- Tweaks to the crash report system.
- Minor balance to the Assassin.
- Reduced the number of items to cache.
- Fixed a bug where the text for "Guardian Angel" isn't showing.

- It will now show if the launcher is checking the game's files at startup. Reduces the time from the splash screen to the launcher UI.
- File checking is skipped when the game is launched from the launcher (instead of the shortcut in the Jump List).
- Performance and memory usage improvements.
- Removed the WebView component as it is no longer necessary.
- Links in the "Information" menu will simply open the links to the browser.