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Maria is a noble girl that lived on a peaceful town. Her dad is a well known priest on Rengrum. She takes care of her sister, Nicole, and her mother when he is away. She is very intelligent (especially on the medical front) and her sense of justice is good.

Elena is a rookie dragon slayer, a clan whose goals were to exterminate the dragons but were defeated by the alliance. Raised by a nomadic tribe, she learned the techniques for slaying dragons but never accomplished her missions. Her dream is to join the Corsairs, an elite group specializing on spec ops.

Gus is the leader of his own mercenary team, the Leviathan. He is known for his mysticism, cunning planning, manipulation and Intel gathering, all the while, staying calm. While Rick does drive him nuts sometimes, even on the smallest and biggest issues, he always has the answer.

Jena is the muscle of the Leviathan team. Nobody knows her back story, but there is a rumor that she was an orphan and when she got lost, she killed a small group of wolves with her bare hands. She is immensely strong, and even if she takes the beating of her life, she always gets up like she lost her balance for a while.

Rick is the "Specialist" (as he likes to call himself) of the Leviathan team. What is known about him is that he can be harsh to Maria sometimes (assuming that neither Gus nor Jena are present). Not much is known about him; however some speculate that he is a Dragonborn, a child that has a dragon as a relative. He hates carrying weapons, relying on his fists to take down anybody who stands in his way (unless it's Gus or Jena).