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Before contacting me, please take a look at this page.


The game runs slow.
Your computer’s CPU has overheated. Stop playing the game, close the computer and let it cool off. The game relies heavily on the CPU’s power, so to prevent damages due to overheating, it will run on lower speeds.

It takes a while to load a save file.
The game uses a compatibility script to ensure that your save files will still work should the engine receives an internal update and introduces new information to store. You can speed up the loading times by defragging your hard drive (not the SSD!). Upgrading to a hybrid or an SSD will also improve the loading times.

I cannot save!/The game crashes trying to load the settings./My settings are not saved.
Make sure that you have some space for your save and settings files. If you do not have at least 1MB for saves and settings, you won’t be able to save. The Northbridge Platform checks if the game can write on the save folder.
If you do have enough space and you still cannot
save, check if you can write on the folder (say, make a simple text file) or run the game with administrative privileges.

Known Issues:
-Some graphics are placeholders. Will be removed in a later update.