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Version D0.20 Update 4 / Northbridge Platform Version E2.00

• Journal now records all side missions.
• Re-designed Celtia.
• Tweaks on the maps.
• Added a confirm dialog for overwriting and deleting saves.
• Reverted the game over screen to the old one to fix a crash.
• Fixed Skein of Escape not working.
• Performance Improvements.
• Tweaked the prologue.
• Tweak the spear icons.
• Balancing changes.
• Crash and bug fixes.
• Re-written the launcher, Save Manager and PDF Reader to Windows Presentation Foundation. This adds the following:
• Support for High DPI displays.
• GUI is rendered by DirectX instead of GDI.
• Faster load times.
• Fresh new design of the entire GUI.
• Improved dialogs for picking files and folders.
• Re-factored the code for both the launcher and the standalone Save Manager.
• Tabs in the launcher now lazy load their content. Vastly improved memory usage and load times.
• Added the news tab.
• Simplified the UI and under-the-hood code of the Diagnostics tab.
• Improved Jump List support.
• Improved reliability.
• Vastly reduced space usage by the Platform.
Installer (does not apply to the Microsoft Store version):
• Complete re-write from Installshield to WiX Toolset and Xeam Visual Installer. This provides improved installation experience and added Greek localization.

Version D0.20 Update 3 / Northbridge Platform Version E1.10 Update 3
• Balancing changes:
◦ Tweaked the HP values.
◦ Parry will grant Evasion boost instead of counterattack.
◦ Shout will lower attack and defense alongside a chance to stun an enemy.
◦ Axel can access Mystic Arts.
◦ Changes on some of the Arts.
◦ Beefed up some enemies (along with a boss).
• Changes to maps and dialogue.
• Added bits of lore.
• Fixed a crash caused due to a syntax error.
• Various graphical and bug fixes.
Northbridge Platform:
• UI changes.
• Added a workaround to prevent a crash when a user disabled recent documents in the OS settings.
• Added a standalone version of the PDF reader.

Version D0.20 Update 2 / Northbridge Platform Version E1.10 Update 2
• Added a new item: Skein of Escape.
• Improved battle UI.
• Various Bug Fixes (including game breaking and graphical ones).
Northbridge Platform:
• UI Improvements.
• Added save archives.
• Added tooltips.
• Added a PDF reader.
The following apply for users who got the game from the Microsoft Store and they installed Windows 10 Creators Update:
• Jump List is fully functional.

Version D0.20 Update 1 / Northbridge Platform Version E1.10 Update 1 (Disc 1 Update)
• Added the entire first part of the story.
• Added two guild missions.
• Updated graphics.
• Added new BGM.
• Improved the battle system UI.
• Minor performance improvement during battles.
• Re balances.
• Added a journal system.
• Bug fixes.
• Refactored code.
• Transferred part of the logic to a common library file.
• Improved reliability and the Greek translation.
• Translated the Readme file to Greek.

Version D0.20 / Northbridge Platform Version E1.10

-Added new content:
--Added a new side mission.
--Added new music tracks.
-Updates to the old content:
--Re wrote part of the code.
--Polished some of the maps.
--Added small details.
--Edits to the dialogue.
-Updated Battle System.
-Added a save compatibility script right on the engine.
-Performance Tweaks.
-Re-wrote part of the engine for overall quality improvements.
-Save files and settings are now saved to User Folder/Saved Games/
-Overhauled parts of the engine to reduce unnecessary code and events on the map.
-Tweaked the input system to improve responsiveness.
-Edited some of the dialogue.
-Aigina’s map was edited.
-Aigina’s music track was changed.
-Visual Tweaks.
-Audio changes.
-Loads of bug fixes.
-Removed unnecessary scripts.

Northbridge Platform:
-Added the option to disable and re-enable the launcher UI. (Does not apply for the Windows Store version).
-Added the option to only keep the latest backup.
-Added Jump List. (Does not apply for the Windows Store version).
-New UI.
-Launcher can be disabled now (Northbridge features still work)(Does not apply for the Windows Store version).
-Improved the backup module.
-You can now import and export multiple files.
-Some code cleanup.
-Fixed a silly oversight, where the link to my site wasn’t working.

Installer (Does not apply for the Windows Store version):
-Added Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 to the dependencies (replaces 4.6).
-UI tweaks.

-New version format.
-Converted the Readme file to .pdf.

Version. D0.10 / Northbridge Platform Version. E1.00
-Sped up ATB.
-Added Critical Point State.
-UI and Graphical Enhancements.
-Performance Improvements.
-Improved Input
-Disabled Alt-Enter Fullscreen. You can still fullscreen by pressing F5.
-New saving system.
-Added an options menu in the title screen.
-Shutdown and To title commands are now in a separate command in the pause menu.
-Re-worked some of the maps.
-Edited some of the text.
-Added a text wrapper.
-Re-worked the Quick Load mechanism.
-New icon for the game (shown during launch).
-Fixed the following issues:
–Crash on the headmaster’s office when moving to the upper floor.
–Fixed an issue where an NPC blocked the exit of the house (fingers crossed)(thanks to Gamejolt user thecenneth for reporting the bug).
–Fixed a saving issue when the game was installed in a folder that required administrative privileges (Program Files, for example).
-Fixed a crash where it missed a file in a specific folder.
–Fixed missing arrows in the level up screen after battles.

Northbridge Platform (replaces the launcher):
-Complete Re-write from Visual Basic to C#.
-UI adjustments.
-Added a Save Manager.
-Re-worked the Quick Start feature (now renamed to Quick Load)


-Updated to the latest version.
-Altered some of the text.
-Now uses Windows Installer 5.0.
-Now installs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 if it is missing.
-No longer installs on Windows Vista.

Ver. D0.09 / Launcher Ver. E1.40
-New map.
-Two new items.
-Re-wrote portion of the dialog.
-Graphical and UI enhancements.
-Reworked save system and tutorial.
-Bug fixes (some fixes take effect on new playthroughs).
-Tweaked the combat.
-Beefed up bosses.
-Changed the re-spawn timer from 20 secs to 60 sec.
-Most of the UI uses Roboto Condensed now.

Launcher (Gamejolt version only):
-Now the game will launch properly.
-Now requires .NET Framework 4.5 (packed in with the installer).
-Added a Quick Start button.

-Installer will prevent installation on Windows XP / Server 2003 (Gamejolt/IndieDB Version, OS is not supported).
-Gamejolt version will no longer require RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to work.

Ver. D0.08 / Launcher Ver. E1.20
-Small rework of the battle system.
-Enchancements on camera and UI.
-Added missing effects.
-Updated scenes.
-Upscaled backgrounds.
-The main menu (Esc key) is now availiable for new playthroughs (Saving not possible through the menu during the prologue).
-Small tweaks.
-Added new songs.
-Fixed some bugs and a few plot holes

-Added Greek translation.
-Removed PayPal donation button due to changes with the licensing.

-New Readme.doc file.

Ver D0.06 / Launcher Ver. E1.10
-Now using Roboto font (Installed autocratically)
-Fixed an issue where music on Crystal Cave wasn't playing.

-UI Redesign
-Now it requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to work instead of 4.5.2.
-Fixed some bugs

Ver. D0.05 / Launcher Version E1.02
-Buffs, Debuffs and States now show a counter of when they are removed (applies to some, not all).
-Preparation for Disc 1 Update (Stage 1).
-Some changes
-Small changes.

Ver. D0.03
-Exploit Fix
-Small changes to the first map.

Ver. D0.02 / Launcher Ver. E1.01

-Minor cosmetic changes.
-Small balancing of the first fight.

-Microsoft.NET 4.0 Reference Cleanup.
-Cosmetic changes.
-Now the cursor will change to a hand when it hovers over the PayPal Donate Button at the About Window.
-Website link now goes to the proper one.

-Added feedback file.
-Updates to the read me file.

Version D0.01 / Launcher Version E1.00 (Revision 1)
-Fixed a launcher crash.

Version D0.01 / Launcher Version E1.00
-Initial Release