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Harold, beyond the bounds of time and space - deep within the very mind of the cosmos - confronts his true love, the Herald of the End Times, before she undergoes her final transformation.

Full Play Time: 0:07-0:10

This was a submission for the November 2015 MVLympics. It started as a project to submit the piecemeal entries made for part of the MVL - all put together in a single 6 hour sprint (between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.). Those initial elements were:

* RTP Map
* Non-RTP Map #(2nd Place!)#
* Boss Fight #(2nd Place!)#
* New Weapon*
* New Armor*
* New Item* #(1st Place win!)#
* Modified Resource (alternate timeline Harold portraits - GIMP+Maker)
* Dialogue without Words #(2nd Place!)#
* Skills set(s)*

(* these entries small but hopefully tasty)

For the final phase of the MVL, the story was expanded with a cutscene-and-combat intro, including a bunch more playable characters - all of which Greatly expanded my RM skill-set (this was my first ever cutscene). Thanks to the judges, and everyone else who gives it a look.

Noted in the final hour that this game did not meet the requirements of the event (use all four protagonists as PLAYABLE characters) - Black Flagged on the last lap! More reading of the rules next time EZ!


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MVLympics Results are in!

And Beyond the Pale (proto version) won first place for best item (it's the hidden item from the second map), as well as pulling down second place results for Boss Fight, Non-RTP Map and cutscene without words!

Many thanks to all the judges for taking the time to go through all the entries and for everyone who has given this little thing a look.

Take a look at all of the winning entries for the MVLympics here:
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  • ethanz
  • RPG Maker MV
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  • 11/08/2015 03:53 PM
  • 01/26/2016 05:20 AM
  • 11/08/2015
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The game was quite enjoyable, but I couldn't find a way to defeat the final boss without getting a "Game Over" screen. Am I doing something wrong or did I forget something?
@gsp1995: (my apologies for an earlier response which missed the point!)

You mean "where is the scene where the story of the game has RESOLUTION?" - answer: missing! (Yikes! Sorry!!) - I'll have it up in an hour (jumping on the subway, should have it working by the time I emerge).

Done (game now has fully operational ending) - thank you for the feedback!

That explains it hahah! You're welcome for the feedback and I'm glad you fixed it. Gonna check the real ending soon!

I actually thought the "Game Over" screen was part of the plot since you are sort of thrown into this abstract world and there's all of this stuff referring to the "truth" and all. Seems like it could turn out to be a very interesting game storywise if you go back working on it, but it can be very confusing if you don't answer these questions regarding the world, "the truth", the characters and all that led up to it.

It's almost like you heard me complain about a lack of serious rpgs for the vxace engine and said "Here's something pseudo-intellectual for you. Now enjoy the bad music, and shut up!"
Delighted by this comment. ;) As long as you don't mind the shifting third person/second person narrator voice that pops in at odd times or a couple of pretty weak grammar errors (or the fact that the heroes don't put on black disguises at the end (because I couldn't get the sprites edited in time)) - it almost holds together. ;) I'll post my next project up here in April - will be about 10x as long, with a modern setting and similar pseudo-intellectual content with (if all goes well) a magic system based on Aztec Magic and the action of synthetic financial vehicles in the international capital markets. ;)
WTF? this game is incomplete! I need to know what happens next! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!
(I'd tell you, but then what fun would there be in making a follow-up later this year?) :) There was a lot more story written for both before and after the playable bit here but because this was an entry in a 1 week game-making competition, this was all there was time to put together (alas)!

Beyond the Pale is on hold while I work on another game that should post up at the end of April - a modern survival RPG that makes a lot better use of the engine than this little guy did.
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