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Updates, doodles and other shenanigans

First things first, I finally set up a proper YT channel for Playground shenanigans! I reuploaded the first teaser and the animated cutscene there, and to start things off I also uploaded the new version of the main theme along with the new main menu! This isn’t necessarily the definite version, but it’s an improvement.

Besides that, I was doing some revising of the dialogue and long story short, there have been some changes. Mostly when it comes to Eri, I felt her personality was a bit… bland, so I changed it up.

Now she’s an angry little thing and it’s really fun writing for her

I’ve been thinking of uploading a new version of the demo for the sake of the changed dialogue, but I’m not exactly sure. Like, if you’ve played the current demo, playing this potential new version wouldn’t really be any different save for some dialogue and some change on maps, but everything else is pretty much the same, hence why I’m still considering.

Here are three new screenshots of the beginning of the game, as in, the school before everything goes to hell. If you've played the demo you'll probably notice what's different (it's not much, but still). I've also updated the screenshots of the images page here.

- the storage room of the start is now pretty different

- there are NPCs around the school that you can talk to now :D

Besides that (again), have some doodles of the characters that I did in class and colored (shaded?) them up a bit in Photoshop:

It’s essentially the characters wearing different versions of the school uniform (except Takashi who’s just being silly wearing his tie on his head) and doing various things. Eri who is in the archery club, Daichi who still wears his scarf in the middle of the summer despite being incredibly hot (he insists it has a special meaning but doesn’t really explain), Miyu who is constantly seen eating snacks in the middle of class and getting in trouble for it, Akane wearing the school’s gym clothes due to being a member of the track and field club and Katsu holding his school jacket because it was too hot and instead of being a normal person and forgetting the jacket at home, he instead forgot to leave his jacket at home (Akane doesn’t understand how he managed to do that).

Yay for useless character trivia while working out their personalities an trying to come up with puzzles for the rest of chapter 3!