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New Updates

Yes, this is still in development! It might be slowly (but surely!) crawling towards its end, but I'll get there one day. I’ve finally got through a particular scene that I was stuck in for ages and also the scene after that, and now I’m back to making a more puzzle-oriented section (which is kind of a pain at first, but after you get the puzzle figured out and what you need to do, it’s a breeze to go through). There’s still quite a bit of work left to be done (not counting the playtesting and adjusting afterwards), but I’ll get there eventually!

Here are a few updates:

Changed up the title screen! It's more dynamic now, with the portraits of all the main six (not shown in the gif for size reasons) fading in and out. I think it has a more 'title screen' feel to it than just the static image I had before.

Changed up the message box! Also instead of the arrow pointing down, it's a little dice rolling around. At least it was supposed to be a dice.

Here's a preview of a bonus scene. It'll be part of the unlockable optional content along with a gallery of unseen sketches of the cast. I wanted to go full blown color CG at first, but then I realized that would be waaay too time consuming considering each scene will have at least five separate images, so I decided to do this style instead (bless my new drawing tablet and all that’s holy, I don’t know how I survived without it). There’ll still be colored cutscene images inside the game itself, though.

So yes, Playground's still in development! My biggest problem so far is that I have other game ideas I want to work with so inspiration for this comes and goes, but I swear I'll finish this one day. I'm especially motivated by how well From Next Door was received and I'd like to see how a full out game would do (although considering I started this before From Next Door, there are some things I'd like to change but won't because I'm already too far in development and that would just set me back by a lot). I'm also motivated by what I'm going to do afterwards, I have big plans that I won't start until Playground is finished, haha


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The title screen is really nice! Love the graphics! Anyway, i'm glad to hear that you're still working on this! I already played the demo and I really enjoyed it! Don't worry for the development being slow: better slow than nothing!
Good luck and I really look forward to the game! :)

*edit* Maybe I would make the portrait image look to the right instead of left... So that it seems more that he's talking with the player... You know what I mean? But that's matter of taste anyway ;)
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