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Spawning from a Team Therese MVLympics minigame submission, comes a strategically luck-based rock-paper-scissors tournament for becoming the King of Games Champ!

You play as either of the four main characters and face off against four minor ones! Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you've won a pretty much purely luck-based tournament!

Harold! No bonuses, no pitfalls either!
Therese! +1 damage per tie! Decrease attack by 1.
Marsha! +1 damage dished out per attack! Decrease max HP by 3.
Lucius! Recover 1 HP every turn! Decrease attack by 1. (Honestly regen is a bit OP at this point. Might reduce his attack even more :D)

Come at me, bro! Doubles damage both received and dealt out for the turn.
Gun Stance A cheat skill that wins against all other stances.

Animated SV Enemies v1.21.11 by Rexal
Disable Choice Conditions by Hime
& for some reason, an unused FollowupSkills Plugin by KockaAdmiralac (too lazy to remove at the moment, maybe in a future update)

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  • Completed
  • mjshi
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Strategy
  • 11/11/2015 12:45 AM
  • 06/20/2017 06:41 PM
  • 11/12/2015
  • 15000
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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This is finished? Alright, I might as well play it, then.

Edit: Mjshi, you reckless buffoon! You gone done and left a save file in the blinkin' game folder, you silly nonsensical platitudinous goose! Bloody awkward!

Also, our games have this funny little thing in common. Haha!~

Jack of Most Trades
Ah, whoops. Well, the save file doesn't matter much anyway (it's much more satisfying to develop your own strategies c: )

But yeah, what an interesting coincidence xD
Fun game. Went thru the entire game as harold using only rock and stats equally distributed between HP and tie damage. I imagine that there's loads of strats possible in this game, almost like mixed juice even. Looked like there were loads of OP skills though, wonder what would happen if you spammed regen.... oh dear
Jack of Most Trades
@bicfarmer Glad to hear you liked it! My favorite strategy is maxing attack and just doing "Come at me bro!" constantly. At the end you could be doing 22 damage with a single hand :D
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