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Deep within the hidden temple lies the Orb of Darkness. A group of mercenaries, calling themselves Four Sisters of the Wind, have been hired to locate and bring back mysterious artifact. In their way lies the monsters that now populate the ancient temple. Will the Four Sisters be able succeed in their quest for the Orb of Darkness? Play on.

Four Sisters of the Wind is a traditional, if short RPG, created within the 20 day trial period for RPG Maker MV. It makes use of both the new character generator and the side view battle system that have been added to the program.

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FSotW V1.1

I was finally able to acquire RPG Maker MV, so it was time to fix up the errors in the game.

As of this post:
The spelling and grammer errors should all be fixed.
The accessories now all resist the ailments they're supposed to.
The skill errors have been fixed. (Restore now costs 30 MP and Lucky actually works now).

Unfortunately I haven't yet gotten any rebalancing done, so Four Sisters will still be a bit on the easy side.

Edit 3/22/2016

Fixed a few more errors.

Blizzard now correctly attacks all enemies.
Smelling Salts now has a description.
Typos have now been corrected.

All abilities except those related to recovery
are now inaccessible from the menu.

Special thanks to everyone who pointed out the errors I overlooked!
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  • 11/11/2015 03:32 PM
  • 07/02/2023 10:18 PM
  • 11/11/2015
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This is first time I played on this particular system so I might be biased.
First really cool game, even if short.
Game has few bugs. Like restore for free or blizzard attacking one target. I checked and one ice has bigger damage than blizzard. Also some skills are not described. Skills make quite the balanced party that can almost steamroll enemy. Cool but a bit too OP.
I hope I will see more games from you.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Congratulations on having the very first MV game uploaded to this site! I thought I might have been one of the first, but turns out you beat me by a hair. Cheers!
Found another bug: The Rune Bracelet doesn't protect from poison.
Lucky Dice didn't work.
Merchant: I would not have given them tge amulet...
May: I'llll go check on the supplies.

Is it intented that silenced enemies could still use buffs?

Another free spell: Shield

You couldn't be strong enough for Valefor until you found his weakness.
...And this is why you don't do the entire database in one all-nighter. Don't be like me folks! Use proper time management when making your games your games.

For the record though, Blizzard being weaker than ice isn't a bug, all of the AOE spells are weaker than their single target counterparts.
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Random thoughts
Bold= what i consider important
Dark elf!? :O sexy start!

battles are easy,leveling up is fast and encounters are avoidable! great start!

its not clear why lydias net skill hits all enemies while other skills written the same way only hit one

save cystals should not ask if you wish to save your game. interacting with it already means yes.

Rebeccas Rally has no description

smelling slats (item) has no description)

mays blizzard is supposed to hit all enemies but only targets 1

not sure if lydias lucky dice works. theres no visable buff

3 boss battles with out saving :(... thankfully its easy!
oh that's the end :3

General1H 4M
This was a pretty enjoyable game despite being battle based (not much plot)
the skill sets were well done and didn't feel cluttered with wasteful skills.
you could to some degree avoid the mobs (areas with single lines make it impossible sometimes sadly)
i didn't really care for the characters other then Annette personality wise. because the others seemed kind of stupid. doing a job without even considering if its a good idea or not.

because its more battles then plot we don't know much about the world.
how dd these girls meet,why are they n this profession,where did they learn the skills they have. who is ect.

i enjoyed it and would recommend it as something easy and short
How many hours of gameplay, and is this available as an apk download for android?
20 minutes or so and no. Keep in mind that this was something put together rather quickly for the sake of a) working with a new program and b) to see if I can make something more or less playable within the trial period.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
20 minutes or so and no. Keep in mind that this was something put together rather quickly for the sake of a) working with a new program and b) to see if I can make something more or less playable within the trial period.

Well, it was playable UNTIL :)
Blizzard says it hits ALL enemies but you only hit one :(
Smelling Salts: no description as to what it does.
Character of MAY: while not in battle, her skills are brightly lit so active. If you hit enter you lose MPs :(
When you talk to The Merchant, you are not able to SELL excess equipt., I need money for items.....

Other than the above, and considering it was short made for a contest....you can skate on the problems....OH, the monster at the end was way to strong :)

I was a very pretty game graphically, the interaction between characters was cute. Overall, a nice game so keep working and pump out a few great games we can all enjoy :)
Short RPG. Very simple. Last boss got me once, but I spammed statuses on him into submission. Not used to seeing status spells being so effective, since it doesnt happen in mainstream rpg's. Good game.
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