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Wild Rage Christmas Battle

Christmas's evening: the cheeky Wild, along with Galis and Eugen, awaits for Santa Claus hidden behind a table.
A noise... here is Santa!
But... no!
Instead of Santa, here's a terrible madman stealing Christmas Decorations. Awful surpise, guys!

But Wild ain't givin up, he wants to shed some light on this, but, first and foremost, he wants to find out where the real Santa is.

Thus begins, a quest that will take Wild into the cold Christmas lands, fighting Pingu-Bomber, imps, and - above all - the one responsable for Santa's disappearence.


Our main hero, he loves Christmas with everything he has, and he will do everything in his power to save it.

King Rennio
Ruler of Christmas Town.

Deathbab's henchman, he will soon learn - at his own expenses - that you just don't mess with Wild.

Santa's worst enemy, ever since he refused to grant him his wish to conquer the world. He'll find Santa's secret and he will use it to do evil things.


The game mixes adventure and puzzle-gaming. Smart quests, beautiful scenarios, and of course, you can enjoy the battle sequences.

Have fun =)

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Mi sono iscritto apposta per te!o.-
Wild is big herooooo!
Mi sono iscritto apposta per te!o.-
Wild is big herooooo!

Grazie Galis!=D
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