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Progress Report

Why do I even bother with deadlines /o/

Hello dudes and dudettes,
After failing miserably with my target deadline, I decided to write what's been up.

* After hounding Deckiller away from the depths of Hades, because Liberty damn youuu for assassinating him, all maps are done! They all just need to be prettied up with light effects and such. Which is admittedly a time consuming process for me right now with the way Pixi is handling WebGL and Canvas mode so differently.

* We're still working on a particle engine since my masochism reached its limits and it said, no more eventing animations...please.../o/

* We have a few CGs needed. That is until I have to nudge marimo here and there and stop giving her 123131 other things to do.

* And a few more sprite poses. Because talking while sprites do absolutely nothing but wave their lamps around is boring.

* Plot needs more writing as soon as I get my sprites together.

And that is about the work that needs to be done. It's the last 99% after the first 99%. All database is complete, battle mechanics is complete. The game's draft from start to finish is complete. Now all that's left is getting off my slow ass and finish work and watch some bunny and turtle vids to relieve stress so I can focus more on TSTW. And the reasons above. \o/


Game Progress

Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell what's up so far! We're pretty much 70% underway. I didn't get much progress done due to work-related things but it's still something~

> I think I have to ask marimo for one more portrait but I am not sure...

> Battles are all done. There's two optional stuff that we might want, but I'm still debating whether we want it or not. Mostly related to tutorials.

> Three more maps remain for cleaning up~

> Finishing one last parallax for a certain scene. This one specifically (still a WIP):

> The vehicle plugin we had seems bug free now~ What it does it that it changes the graphic based on the amount of party members you have. :'D



Early Build and stuff

Since I have to go somewhere today and will be gone for a considerable amount of hours, I have submitted an Early Build of the game. This is in no way an indication of what the final game will be like in terms of plot and other stuff. We only worked on TSTW for around 3~4 days so I guess it's expected we wouldn't make it haha.

I plan to keep working on the game for a week and hopefully reach completion by then. Everyone did a great job on it and I want to deliver it as optimized and good as possible :)


Progress Report

Maps are complete!

4 distinct areas, each short, sweet, but with its own little personality. All complete! And Nessy's currently creating lighting effects on her tablet. Rhyme's making the database, Marimo's making the portraits, plugins are being selected...needless to say, this game's coming along after only being in production for like 24 hours!

3 days to go...will we make it? I have a good feeling!

Hopefully we'll have all the visuals hammered out tomorrow, giving us the weekend to implement cutscenes and the battle system/database.

Stay tuned for more updates and other cool things!
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