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The Elders brought us to Watermill Rock to escape the terror of Narsis following the Oblivion Crisis. Eight years past they set off on a journey to bring us treasure and comforts. They bade us take care of each other and respect the bounty of this island which is to be our new home. They charged me, the oldest, in particular ...

The turbuluent first century of the Fourth Era is almost at an end. A party of Bretons is striving in vain to turn the desolate military stopover of Gorrister into a legitimate city. The Gorrister miners have finally acted on their threats to organize against their incompetent lawbringers, threatening to plunge the nacent city into chaos. Into this town wanders Tallest-Reed, an old Saxhleel woman with only one ambition: to find Watermill Rock, the island of her youth, which seems to have vanished off the face of Nirn like a dream.

Scavenging for valuables, she finds an artefact that seems to bridge the past and present: an Aldmeri calendar wheel that once played a pivotal role in her youth. Could this be the object that finally leads her home?

An Elder Scrolls fan-game, featuring an improved battle and skill system, set shortly after the events of the Oblivion crisis, both in High Rock and on the enigmatic island of Watermill Rock.


Improved battle system
Enemies are visible on maps, and will pursue you with complex behaviour
Craft items with ingredients scavenged from the field and fallen enemies
Interactive overworld map with random encounters
Spend skill points to purchase new skills for characters


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Intro Scenes
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
Mission 5
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Latest Blog

This is just awful.

Hello. As you know, I’ve given up being upbeat and optimistic in my updates on this project, since such an attitude is a waste of energy and also disingenuous. So if you aren’t interested in a long, bitter diatribe about how much I resent the amount of work this project is taking, turn back now.

I finished the "first pass" of chapter 3 a few weeks ago, completely crushing my delusional hopes that each chapter ought to take less time than the last, since, supposedly, the first few releases would involve a lot of general groundwork and later releases would only involve creating content specifically for one chapter. I started in on Chapter 3 at the beginning of December last year, and here we are 1.5 weeks into November, which means that Chapter 3 has so far taken the longest out of all of them.

For months now I've had a very bombastic essay prepared on how much I hate the amount of work this game is taking and how it's not worth it. I was planning on keeping quiet until I finally finished Chapter 3 and then posting the essay when the download link went up. But, fuck it. The gist of it is that I was absolutely ignorant of how much work this game was going to take when I started it, and a free RPG Maker Elder Scrolls fangame full of stolen media is not worth this huge a chunk of my life, but I'm not going to quit because of sunk-costs fallacy, and in the meantime I just have to hate God and keep grabbing a few hours to keep working whenever I can, as I watch my potential to create something that actually matters drain away month after month.

Something happened a few months ago that changed everything: I suddenly got a boyfriend. It should be good news. I should be happy. But suddenly, project time has been slashed in half. The amount of my life this project will consume has just doubled.

I'm full of emotional dissonance. I should be happy and want to hang out with him all the time, but this project is dragging behind me like a ball and chain. I'm constantly trying to make sure I can get away from him often enough to put a reasonable amount of project work in each week, even though I feel really guilty about it. Weekends used to be the best time to put in a good 8-10 hours of work, but ever since getting together with him I'm often away from home for the entire weekend. Again, I should be happy. This should be a great, exciting period of my life and I should feel be grateful to have met him. But, as I've said before, RPG Maker ruined my life. This is just yet another thing about it being ruined.

But I'm not cancelling this project, because then God wins. God mocked me by filling me with the desire to start projects, but then bombarding me with problems and misgivings until I cancel them, flushing into oblivion all the time and work I invested in them. This has happened time and time again. This new boyfriend is just God's latest attempt to try and make me flush away all that work. But He's not going to win this time.

Even if it's going to take an entire year or more to make each chapter from now on, I'm not cancelling Tallest-Reed. Even if this website closes down before it's done, scattering to the winds the few people who even know it exists. Even if this dumb RPG Maker fangame will get completely ignored and disappear with nary a blip underneath the surging bullshit tides of what the Internet decides to give attention to, proving ultimately what I already know to be true, the fact that this project is not worth 6+ years of my fucking life on this earth.

I think I hate this game.

Too bad I'm not going to stop working on it.

Maybe the next chapter will be up by the end of November?

How are you.
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Obligatory friend comment.
The only Elder Scrolls game I've played is Skyrim, I hope lack of knowledge about anything that happened in Oblivion won't be a problem when playing this game... ^^;

Judging from the screenshots, you play as a party exclusively made up of Argonians? Well, that's cool, I like Argonians <hisss> (I had an Argonian main in Skyrim).

I shall try this game right n-... oh wait, I can't. I still need to finish my proofreading/beta testing of another game first. D:

But I'll get to this soon!-ish...
Rassim' frassim' releasing things during NaNo...

Mumble grumble too many good games...

(Expect a review this weekend. I am looking forward to this.)
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Oh. Nano. Right.
I haven't done Nano for the last 3 years because I've wanted to finish a blistering RPG game. For once.
(I'm still going to all the Nano dinners and parties though.)
If you take time away from Nano to play this I would be flattered! But don't fail Nano because of this.

@Xerno Great that you're supporting many different games. No, you shouldn't need to know everything what happened in all the Elder Scrolls games.
There are NaNo dinners and parties?!

Rassim frassim no one invites me to NaNo dinners and parties...

Mumble grumble no celebrations for word mak...


There's basically no risk of me failing NaNo for this. My progress won't be fast, but I've got a couple hours a weekend that I need to put towards something that is not writing/fitness/chores/responsibilities/being an adult so that ALL WORK AND NO GAM does not MAKE KUMADA A DULL BOY.

And so, with that in mind:



-Scavenged staff does not list 1h or 2h

-My god, that overland. Good job. Great job. Best of jobs.

-It could be much more clear which items are harvestable.

-Writing is perfect. Tone, sassiness, everything good.

-Wound animation overwrites burn animation, but both effects seem to be in place.

-Vigil has precise strike, is not usable in combat. Is this a function of the scavenged staff?

-Swimming is so boss.

-Man, Reed and Vigil talking about plot is basically the conversation that goes on in my head for every major scene I write. "Could there be happiness and wonder?" "HOW ABOUT EVERYONE IS MISERABLE AND SKELETONS FOREVER?"

-Reed's stories are amazing and I want to read them. And the Easter-egg for reading them all is priceless.

-Last screen in silver burrow seems to end with some burrow dogs just waiting outside the burrow. They cannot be interacted with in any way.

-Shield gives no block chance but slippers do?

-Reed can't wear silk for some reason.

-Yo. That gallery. I can see how this project took so long. It's way, way deeper than any fangame ought to go. I usually hate TeS, but the characters are great, the writing is heartfelt, I get to collect things and fight terrifying mouthfish in the ocean and

fffffff there goes all my free time ffffffffff

*using the swanky new version 1.01 de-crashified crashproof crashmodel
Hey, it's nice to see this project finally up on RMN. I'll probably give it a shot soon, everything looks cool thus far.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
There are NaNo dinners and parties?!

Well it depends on if your municipal liasons set them up ...

Thank you for the feedback. The weapon-based skills like Precision Strike are only available if you're wielding a weapon of the appropriate type. And the staff counts as a Staff, which is different from 1-Handed and 2-Handed and oh no confusion

but thank you very much i have actioned some of these notes.

P.S. What with the final scene in the Silver Burrow screwing up, your save game might be messed up ... get the new version and try visiting the area again and see what happens

@Pizza Yeah! Thanks again for your help :3
My final scene in the burrow was the discussion of the books in the ruined bedroom. After that, I followed some burrow dogs out and then there were just three sitting there, doing nothing.

More feedback:

-Adding combat dialog to the slaughterfish quest is a great way to keep it from feeling grindy.

-Story dialog can start early if you go swimming before accepting the slaughterfish quest. It only does the first few lines, and can be repeated once you accept the quest.

-Crashbug while fighting first hellcast. Happened on hellcast's turn when it tried to use an ability.
First day buy. Will play soon, I hope the entire game is in fact a thesis on the intricacies of post-Dwemer quantum theology.
I've been playing the game for a little over an hour now. Very cool so far! A bit too early to really comment on anything in specific, I think I'm still in the "tutorial-phase" of the game.

The name of the black ash tree seedling is "Darxyll"...? Where have I heard that name before, it sounds so familiar. Isn't that...? *checks* It is!

It's the same name as the demonic creature from The Longing Ribbon. :o

Nice easter egg. ^^
Hi, I'm now in the Silverberry Forest.
So far I detected a game crushing bug when trying to (un)equip a weapon.

And one time I haven't got a red treasure chest for defeating the enemies.
I have experienced my first gloriously evil game crash, during the 1st encounter with a Hellcast (it's the same issue kumada reported, the game crashes when the Hellcast uses an attack).

More specifically, this work of art;

Followed by a less spectacular 2nd error message;

Beautiful! *w*

<edit> It happens every time. I was able to beat the 1st Hellcast by using my most powerful skills and killing it in a single turn, but the next Hellcast caused the exact same problem. I guess I will have to put my playthrough on hold, I won't be able to progress any further like this. :(
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Updated the download link again with a new version with fixes. All people who have all ready downloaded the game should re-download. Your saves should be copyable to the new version. I am full of sorrow for these inconveniences, but thank you for reporting them!

@kumada What do you mean the story dialog can start early?
@Gib If you go swimming before you talk to the dudes on the shore, Reed and Vigil start having their conversation about where the plot is going, but you don't have the third party member so the conversation is only a handful of lines long.
I just finished it. That last battle, ugh... D: I used up more than half of my inventory. Then again, I'm pretty sure I was horribly underleveled like usual.

So, like... was it supposed to be a surprise that
Reed is female ('cause the whole game I thought she was a guy)

or did I just totally miss this throughout the whole game somehow? ._.

It was a nice experience, but the story is basically just
"Fix a dozen problems so you can have a nice party"?

If there's a bigger story being set up here, then great (even though I have no idea what it could be). Either way, I would definitely play a part 2! :)
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
So, like... was it supposed to be a surprise that
Reed is female ('cause the whole game I thought she was a guy)

or did I just totally miss this throughout the whole game somehow? ._.

Typical dryskin.

If there's a bigger story being set up here, then great (even though I have no idea what it could be). Either way, I would definitely play a part 2! :)

There will be a prologue before this chapter that frames things a bit better, but it would use resources for the "present" timeline which I don't have yet. I'm going to add it along with chapter 2. And thanx :)
doesn't live here anymore
I saw this on the front page and thought, "I wonder if they included any argonians."

Then I saw some screens and welp, I approve, so I guess I will try it out!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Happy to have Argonian approval +1!
So, like... Torchie's Track skill tells me there's "something useful" in this area;

But I can't find anything! I've searched this area several times, but other than the suspicious water splashing spot, there seems to be nothing of interest here. I've even tried using the spade in a few places, but still nothing...

I went back to this place at the end of the chapter to see if anything changed (which is when I took the screenshot), but nope.
Can I get a hint? D:
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Did you take water? D: If so, she's supposed to stop making the comment and this is a bug.
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