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Disclaimer: This game is very challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail, strategic game play, and character equipment/skill management to succeed!

Current Version: Final Release v1.1.2

The genocide of the magi has begun. The Empire has spread it's reign around the globe. Why now though? After all these centuries of peace, why would the Empire want to eradicate the magi from existence? Is it truly out of fear for the powers that magi can posses, or is it something far more sinister...?

Eternal Twilight is an old-school styled fantasy RPG with a Turn-Based battle system. I have made much use of the plethora of amazing scripts that Yanfly has created for the MV system to bring a battle system that is familiar, yet original in its own right. I am a firm believer of quality over quantity when it comes to designing a battle system and the types of skills a player has at their disposal. The battle system in Eternal Twilight features the following:

  • Unique weapon/armor system, where enemy drops will "randomly select" a rarity for the item dropped, granting bonus stats to that item! Legendary Bronze Sword anyone? YES PLEASE!
  • Intelligent enemy AI that will keep the player on their toes. The AI will respond according to the player's actions to make sure "LOL-SPAM ATTACK" will lead to the players demise.
  • Five unique character classes, each with a vastly different play style than the last!
  • Skills come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Instant cast spells that don't consume the character's turns, to very powerful attacks, buffs, and heals that have cooldowns, making sure the player strategically chooses when to use certain abilities.
  • This and much more!

Eternal Twilight Discord Link:

Latest Blog

Eternal Twilight v1.1.2 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Just chiming in to say that I have uploaded Eternal Twilight v1.1.2, which just addresses some balancing/difficulty. Okay byeeeee~~~~ :D

=== General Balance Changes ===
* Non-Boss enemies have had their MaxHP reduced by about 5-10% across the board.
* EXP gained from all non-boss enemies has been increased by +5% and all bosses now reward +%10 more EXP when defeated.
* The DEFENSE stat has been slightly buffed, reducing enemy damage by about 5% more than before.
* Soul Trigger has been buffed: Stat boost increased from +15% to +20%, MP Cost reduction increased from 10% to 20% reduction, and TP regain increased from +5% to +10% per turn.

=== Character Changes ===
* Barrage and Raining Arrows damage increased by 5%

* Holy Fire damage increased by 10%
* Smite damage increased by 5%

* Wind Chi damage increased by 5%
* Gaian Tide damage increased by 10%

* Wound and Body Slam damage increased by 10%
* Shadow Strike and Obliterate damage increased by 5%

Dev Notes: Some of you may be wondering: "Why make the game easier now?" Well, I take great pride in the difficulty and balance of Eternal Twilight, but I also know that the difficulty can and is turning away a good amount of players. To make the game more approachable for the more casual player, I decided to tone down the difficulty a bit. I put in so much time, love, and effort into my game, and as a dev, I WANT people to play it. If making the game slightly easier gets more people to play the game, then that's the price to pay! Ferny... over and out! :D
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  • Fernyfer775
  • RPG Maker MV
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  • 11/12/2015 10:09 PM
  • 08/05/2023 06:16 PM
  • 08/01/2018
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@DomTheBom - I'm glad to see that you're enjoying it ^_^ Hard mode can be very challenging and requires more grinding (levels and gear) than Normal does, so good call switching difficulty until you get used to the game mechanics and systems.

As for the Pixie, she's programmed to use her nuke every 7th and 8th attack. I'm sure you already caught on, but she uses it on whoever has the Burn state on them, but you can't always avoid it because in some cases she will use the Burn and then immediately cast her nuke in the same turn, so the best way to counter her is to just count her attacks. Guarding her nuke makes it do negligible damage, so just turn count and then guard after she's done 6 attacks. Hope this helps :)
Thank you for the help. I just guarded everybody that I could after counting her attacks and nobody died by the time I got her down. She was simple but fun. Also, wowowowowow! That elemental mastery ability for Trish is so awesome! I already liked her before, but this new skill is going to make her so much more useful!
help pls, i am in the fort at lvl 16, but cannot take down the possesed minerva. I have no more level II skills to upgrade to, i last some 18 rounds and then i die. WHAT IS THE CATCH WITH THE COLOURS OF ARMS AND ARMORS?
help pls, i am in the fort at lvl 16, but cannot take down the possesed minerva. I have no more level II skills to upgrade to, i last some 18 rounds and then i die. WHAT IS THE CATCH WITH THE COLOURS OF ARMS AND ARMORS?

She is definitely a tough boss. Out of curiosity, what difficulty are you playing on and how much crafting have you done?

As for the colors and armors and weapons, the in-game manual explains it, but in a nutshell, the color of the equipment is a representation of how powerful it is. From "weakest" to "stronger" the color of the gear is:
Grey - Green - Blue - Purple - Red - Yellow

Leveling up is only useful for a small HP boost and the AP used for upgrading skills, but the majority of your party's strength is going to come from the equipment you're wearing, so you have to make sure you craft and keep your gear up-to-date.

As for a battle tip for Minerva:

She casts Dark Ultima every 7 turns, so try to make sure that you save SLOW and BODY SLAM for turn 7, 14, and 21 (she should be dead before turn 21). When Luna gets her turn, have her cast SLOW on Minerva and then Guard. Make sure everybody guards as well. On Ryudo's turn, if you can spare the TP, use BODY SLAM and then Guard with him too. That should help you survive Dark Ultima on turn 7 and 14.
i am at lvl 16 and have crafted 244 items. how do i know the turn i am in?. I almost did it now i will try again.You only indicate the turn the first times an afterwards it is confusing.
The turn is said at the very beginning of a turn on the mid-bottom left corner of the screen. You also know she's going to use Ultima because she has that big red animation under her, so use that as your visual cue if you need to.

I'm a little surprised you haven't managed to beat her at level 16 with 244 crafted items though. Most players tend to smash her at about level 10 with anywhere from 25-50 items crafted. Are you playing on Hard Mode?
I passed and i am now in volatile caverns, txs to your help
PITY just finished wit the demo. When will we have new releases?
@fifacv - I work on the project almost every day in hopes of completing the project by the end of Summer 2018. :)
I just finished the demo on normal and I liked it so much that I'm going to try and play it on hard this time! I am really excited to see where this story goes. The scene where the two empire soldiers run into the blood magi in the tower was so awesome and Azeal was pretty creepy too...I wonder what he wants. When I start getting my butt kicked by Minerva again I'll come back and ask for some tips! Thank you for making this great game.
Hey y'all! :D Just checking in to say that development is going well and I'm about 90% of the way done at this point! Just have to wrap up the rest of the mapping and story, then go back and TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST and TEST until my eyes bleed!

I hope you're as excited as I am!
The game closed by itself after the first tutorial battle. Help?
The game closed by itself after the first tutorial battle. Help?

Hmmmm... that is odd. Maybe try redownloading the game? :/
Nice to see this finally completed. How long can I expect the playtime?
Nice to see this finally completed. How long can I expect the playtime?

My testers had about 25-30 hours of playtime on average. :)
I've been totaly mindblowed since the beginning of the game, the soundtrack, the custom interface and of course the diffrent mechanics for each character.

For now i get only question, is this possible to remap the keybinding for movement, yeah i'm French and with an azerty keyboard is not very convienent haha.
@mimoas - Woohoooo! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! As for the keyboard support, I mever even thought of the differences in keyboards! As of right now it only supports the English ones, but I will definitely look into alternatives.

If the WASD keyboard movement doesn't work, it also has the default Arrow Movement if needed.
the WASD working fine the only problem is that the up and left direction are mapped on W and Q instead of Z and A for now i'm using the arrows is not a real problem just a bit inconvenient. But i'm glad you will take a look at this :p
Hi. Just started playing this. I'm really enjoying the battles, and other game mechanics (equipment, skills, trophies etc), but I find the game a bit slow. Part of it is my computer and it lags sometimes, but even when it is running smoothly, I find all the conversations really drawn out. There isn't really a need for everyone to introduce themselves to a minor NPC (the little girl) or pause for half a second after every word in a spell (some of which are 5 words long). I wish there was a way to skip the dialogue.

Also, I think HARD MODE is a wee bit too hard. It took me about 4 tries to beat the 2 Imps, and now in the tunnels, normal enemies can kill my characters with 2 hits (they seem to CRIT about 70% of the time) even though everyone has unique armor in every slot. Considering there are usually 3 enemies, they can kill a character unless I get lucky. You also can't use Prayer outside battle, so if you are weak at the end of a battle your only option is items. I don't want to start again at NORMAL, because I don't want to go through all the talking and tutorials again.

Sadly, I think I will quit playing for now. I might come back to it later (like when I get a new computer) because it is a very unique and interesting game.

I know you are done and probably won't go back to change stuff, but for future projects, please allow for speeding up dialogue, dashing, skipping tutorials, and other things to make it not so s..l..o...w...

@meteomage - You don't have to start all over if you want to change the difficulty. There is an NPC in the runecrafting shrine that you can speak to that will allow you to switch it to Easy or Normal for a bit of gold.

As for the pauses and whatnot during spells, that might be a computer lag issue, as that doesn't generally happen when I play the game.