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Disclaimer: This game is very challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail, strategic game play, and character equipment/skill management to succeed!

Current Version: Final Release v1.1.2

The genocide of the magi has begun. The Empire has spread it's reign around the globe. Why now though? After all these centuries of peace, why would the Empire want to eradicate the magi from existence? Is it truly out of fear for the powers that magi can posses, or is it something far more sinister...?

Eternal Twilight is an old-school styled fantasy RPG with a Turn-Based battle system. I have made much use of the plethora of amazing scripts that Yanfly has created for the MV system to bring a battle system that is familiar, yet original in its own right. I am a firm believer of quality over quantity when it comes to designing a battle system and the types of skills a player has at their disposal. The battle system in Eternal Twilight features the following:

  • Unique weapon/armor system, where enemy drops will "randomly select" a rarity for the item dropped, granting bonus stats to that item! Legendary Bronze Sword anyone? YES PLEASE!
  • Intelligent enemy AI that will keep the player on their toes. The AI will respond according to the player's actions to make sure "LOL-SPAM ATTACK" will lead to the players demise.
  • Five unique character classes, each with a vastly different play style than the last!
  • Skills come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Instant cast spells that don't consume the character's turns, to very powerful attacks, buffs, and heals that have cooldowns, making sure the player strategically chooses when to use certain abilities.
  • This and much more!

Eternal Twilight Discord Link:

Latest Blog

Eternal Twilight v1.1.2 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Just chiming in to say that I have uploaded Eternal Twilight v1.1.2, which just addresses some balancing/difficulty. Okay byeeeee~~~~ :D

=== General Balance Changes ===
* Non-Boss enemies have had their MaxHP reduced by about 5-10% across the board.
* EXP gained from all non-boss enemies has been increased by +5% and all bosses now reward +%10 more EXP when defeated.
* The DEFENSE stat has been slightly buffed, reducing enemy damage by about 5% more than before.
* Soul Trigger has been buffed: Stat boost increased from +15% to +20%, MP Cost reduction increased from 10% to 20% reduction, and TP regain increased from +5% to +10% per turn.

=== Character Changes ===
* Barrage and Raining Arrows damage increased by 5%

* Holy Fire damage increased by 10%
* Smite damage increased by 5%

* Wind Chi damage increased by 5%
* Gaian Tide damage increased by 10%

* Wound and Body Slam damage increased by 10%
* Shadow Strike and Obliterate damage increased by 5%

Dev Notes: Some of you may be wondering: "Why make the game easier now?" Well, I take great pride in the difficulty and balance of Eternal Twilight, but I also know that the difficulty can and is turning away a good amount of players. To make the game more approachable for the more casual player, I decided to tone down the difficulty a bit. I put in so much time, love, and effort into my game, and as a dev, I WANT people to play it. If making the game slightly easier gets more people to play the game, then that's the price to pay! Ferny... over and out! :D
  • Completed
  • Fernyfer775
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 11/12/2015 10:09 PM
  • 08/05/2023 06:16 PM
  • 08/01/2018
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So, the laptop I use to work on my game bit the dust last night, and that means I won't be able to work on the project until I get it back from the repair shop... :/

With shipping and all that jazz included, I'll be looking at about 12-15 days before I get it back in working order.

Anywho, I hope those of you have played Demo v0.11e are enjoying the game thus far, and I can't wait to get back to working on it. Seeya!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Started playing from scratch...

AGAIN, you amaze me with your game creation abilities :)
Graphics, mapping, animations....all first class.

BUT, I can see you never spent much time around the military.
If the troops standing behind the General in the opening sequance followed his order, the Queen would have been trampled to death :) hahahahahhaha

He should have first given the order "about face", then forward march.
If you plan on making a great game, your marching commands must be correct.

Now that I've had my laugh for the day, it's off to the grocery store :)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Found my reason for not liking AUTOSAVE :(

In the hallway of the secret passage under the house in town (NE corner) of town there is a rope to the tunnel. I collected all the glitter-star treasure but started down before grabbing the last one. I figured I would go back up after the conversation so kept hitting the enter key and not bothering to read the conversation. Low and behold, I went back up to get the last treasure. Then I tried to use my continue just before going down but the game had auto saved and I was not able to read the conversation :(
Now I either forget the conversation, and it was a llloonnngggggg one, or start the game over :(
Oh what to do....what to do :)

Guess I'll start over and be more careful. But this is a reason not to love the auto save. Would just rather save myself :)
You bring up a very good point...perhaps I'll keep the auto-save, but remove it from saving after cut-scenes, just in case the player misses something, and just keep the auto-save for after battles, treasures, etc. 50//50 compromise? :o
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
boy of boy, you sure come up with some great ideas.....

50/50 is a great idea :)
EDIT:Hello.Whem im fighting Minerva the game sort of freeze right after she is saying:You will never stop me.
It doesnt close down ,the music continues ,the characters are there,its like they just stands there and waiting for someone to do something.I cant do anything.
I tried 3 times and same result.

About transfer the old saves to Demo v 0.2 ,i took the savefiles and the folder named save (from the demo)and copy them into the new version.I think they work good.
@kenlan: Did you previously have v0.1e or v0.11e? Somebody had previously reported that same bug in v0.1e, and I had fixed it (or at least hope I did).

As for the save file transferring just fine over to v0.2, that's fairly odd, but if it works, then no complaints from me, hahah!
Im not really sure if it was v0.11,gonna try it to check it out.
About the saves,maybe little odd yes but all i know is that im now playing 0.2 and it continues from where i was in the last version.
Maybe i had a 0.1e and thats why it works?
I've just finished the latest demo of this game, and I really like it so far !!!

Both the story and the characters are interesting and I can't wait to see the rest of this game - this is definately the best game made on RPG MAKER MV I've played up until now ....
@Alan S77: If I could "like" your status, I would like your status, but since I can't like your status, I'll just tell you that I like your status! :D
I agree with Alan. By far my fave MV title thus far, but with mine there now, I hope it's half as good. :P I'm gonna play through yours now, and see what's changed. 8D I PM'ed you the link to mine. ^^
Whoever has downloaded the game within the last 24 hours or so will run into a game-crashing bug right after the intro in Tajin Forest. I was playtesting a few things and forgot to return them back to default. I have fixed this and uploaded the fixed and most recent demo v0.2b...sorry for any inconvenience! D:
Aaaaand because of the fact that I'm a big old noob, I created a bug that wasn't previously there. A few players had reported the game crashing during battle, such as the Lagos/Ragos fight. The reason behind it was that I made a typo error in one of the post-guard effects when using the GUARD command. I have uploaded the fixed game. Sorry! D:

From here forward, I will always update the main post with the most CURRENT demo version available. As of this post, Demo v0.2c is the most current.

XD Is that what was causing that random crash I mentioned last night?
@Squallstorm: If you were using guard to reduce the damage of their "super" attack, then yes, haha! >_> It was so frustrating getting these bug reports from a boss that was, to my knowledge, bug free at this point, but of course, it turned out to not be the boss at all, go figure!
I dunno what caused it but it happened against Vyrog too. ><
Did you use GUARD on Vyrog? Which version do you have?
It happened last night so it wasn't the newest version. I'll check the newest version and see if I can replicate it. ^^
Cool. Well, I just fixed the error in Demo v0.2c (I hope). So hopefully it won't happen anymore.
Well so far I'm really enjoying this game. You've really put in a lot of thought to the skills. Nice to see a bit of strategy instead of just spam attack till their dead. (And the boss theme is pretty epic) Personally though I'm not a huge fan of auto save, unless there's a few save files available.