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Eternal Twilight v1.1.2 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Just chiming in to say that I have uploaded Eternal Twilight v1.1.2, which just addresses some balancing/difficulty. Okay byeeeee~~~~ :D

=== General Balance Changes ===
* Non-Boss enemies have had their MaxHP reduced by about 5-10% across the board.
* EXP gained from all non-boss enemies has been increased by +5% and all bosses now reward +%10 more EXP when defeated.
* The DEFENSE stat has been slightly buffed, reducing enemy damage by about 5% more than before.
* Soul Trigger has been buffed: Stat boost increased from +15% to +20%, MP Cost reduction increased from 10% to 20% reduction, and TP regain increased from +5% to +10% per turn.

=== Character Changes ===
* Barrage and Raining Arrows damage increased by 5%

* Holy Fire damage increased by 10%
* Smite damage increased by 5%

* Wind Chi damage increased by 5%
* Gaian Tide damage increased by 10%

* Wound and Body Slam damage increased by 10%
* Shadow Strike and Obliterate damage increased by 5%

Dev Notes: Some of you may be wondering: "Why make the game easier now?" Well, I take great pride in the difficulty and balance of Eternal Twilight, but I also know that the difficulty can and is turning away a good amount of players. To make the game more approachable for the more casual player, I decided to tone down the difficulty a bit. I put in so much time, love, and effort into my game, and as a dev, I WANT people to play it. If making the game slightly easier gets more people to play the game, then that's the price to pay! Ferny... over and out! :D


Eternal Twilight v1.1.1 is LIVE!

Fixed a reported bug when facing the Echo Berserker boss in the Seraph Dungeon that caused the game to freeze up.


Eternal Twilight v1.1.0 is LIVE!

Hello everybody! I am EXTREMELY excited to announce a giant content patch for Eternal Twilight! Check out the many changes below:

=== Seraph Dungeon - Optional Content ===
  • Do you have the skill to defeat the super bosses of the Seraph Dungeon...?
  • Doing so will unlock the game's TRUE ENDING!
  • The new dungeon has a plethora of powerful rewards and a handful of new Trophies to acquire!

=== Bug Fixes and Other Changes ===
  • I have solved the issue that causes your save file to get excessively larger as your playtime increases. Save and load times should be drastically shorter than before!
  • There are now a total of 4 save file slots. The 4th slot is a dedicated AUTO-SAVE spot, where the game will automatically save at certain intervals.
  • A new "DAMAGE METER" has been added to the battle hud. This can be turn on after purchasing a special item from FERNY within the Runecrafting Shrine.
  • Battles have been optimized to have MUCH less lag than before!
  • The Enclave got a small makeover.
  • SOUL AUGMENTS are no longer randomly acquired at the Soul Forge. Instead, you may use Soul Fragments to purchase whatever augments you want!


Eternal Twilight v1.0.9a is LIVE!

So...I am a big dumb moron and I "broke" one thing while fixing another.

Due to a typo I made in updating the DEATH AND DECAY debuff that the bloody abomination boss places on you at the beginning of the battle, it was causing all actions (attack, skills, guard, etc) from being locked out.

I have fixed this bug and uploaded the changes.

So sorry for anybody who just downloaded v1.0.9 and are required to download the game, yet again!


Eternal Twilight v1.0.9 is LIVE!

Version 1.0.9 is LIVE!
This version hopefully puts an end to some annoying bugs that have plagued the game since I switched over to the STB system back around v0.5 or so.

Unexpected Token U (what I like to call the #$@#$@!#@% bug!)
  • Forced Actions and the STB plugin that I'm using don't like to play nicely with one another. This sometimes led to the game randomly crashing during certain boss fights when a boss would go and try to use a Forced Action command.
  • It was very hit or miss though, and it took a long time to figure out exactly how or WHY it was even happening.
  • I have completely removed all forced actions from the game, so I'm hoping that this finally puts this stupid bug to rest once and for all!

Stacking Debuffs (Defile, Static Cling, Corrupted Blood, etc)
  • These buffs were behaving strangely whenever a player would wipe to a boss and then selected the "RETRY BOSS" option.
  • Fixing this bug was a win/lose type situation. To fix the weird bug, I had completely remove the "retry boss" option after getting knocked out on a boss fight, and forcing the player to spawn in another map to completely wipe away the lingering debuff stacks, which would sometimes cause the game to crash.
  • I also added a few fail safes to guarantee that the debuff ALWAYS resets to 0 stacks upon re-initiating combat.

  • Slime enemies will now properly die when they...well, you know...DESTRUCT THEMSELVES. :p


Eternal Twilight v1.0.7 is LIVE!

Version 1.0.7 Patch Notes:

  • A bug in the Dios/Mios boss fight was causing damage taken to be seen as decimals (350.99999 damage, for example), which would sometimes crash the game. This has been fixed.
  • Dios/Mios will no longer continually loop the STATIC SHIELD buff if one or the other is dead, and will now properly enrage if one or the other is killed.
  • Some skill names were “clipping” their costs in the skill select menu during combat. They have been renamed slightly to fix the clipping issues. (Frenzied Barrage is now BARRAGE - Flash of Light is now MYTHIC LIGHT).

As always, ENJOY! ^_^


Eternal Twilight v1.0.6 is LIVE!

Hello everybody! I’m so glad to see the downloads and the ratings of the game increasing more and more! ^_^ Your support is very much appreciated!

I am releasing a new version of the game with the following changes:

=== Version 1.0.6 ===
  • Even still, more typos fixed, lololololololol…#L2spellnub
  • Naming scheme on spells changed. Skills now retain their ORIGINAL name, rather than getting a new name when upgrading, but instead, will have a I, II, III, or IV added to it to show the player what rank that skill is. This change was made to help players familiarize themselves better with the skills the party has. With the previous method of the skill names changing, I felt that it made it a little harder for newer players to get used to their skills and what they do.
  • Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, and Diamonds now sell for a bit more gold than before.
  • Slightly increased the damage of Dark Blast, Blood Burst, and Darkness Falls for Minerva. Slightly reduced the damage of “Drain” (this ability still restores the same amount of MP/TP as before).
  • Obliterate’s damage has been reduced by about 5%. Wound’s damage-over-time now deals slightly more damage every turn.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were to kill Lagos or Ragos on the turn they would do their special attack, the remaining imp would STILL use the special attack. (Might need further testing).

=== Version 1.0.5 ===
  • More typos fixed.
  • Didn’t list this previously, but Defense now slightly reduces a bit more damage than before.
  • Auto dash is enabled EVERYWHERE now, even indoors.
  • Poured more tears of Minerva’s victims into my chalice and I am one step closer to immortality.

As always, I hope you’re all enjoying the game and I am looking forward to getting some feedback! Kbyeeee!


Eternal Twilight v1.0.5 - Typos, Balance Changes, and Auto Dash!

Version 1.0.5 additions:
  • Auto-Dash indoors has been enabled.
  • A multitude of typos have been fixed.
  • Defense now provides slightly more damage mitigation than before.

Hello everybody! I'm pushing another version out today with a few fixes and tweaks. Most notably is the nerf to Boss Minerva's HP and damage output. Players have reported that she is too hard, so I buckled and decided to nerf her. While I was at it, I went ahead and slightly reduced the damage output and HP of the next few bosses after Minerva.

Bugs fixed:
  • When Trish learns GAIAN TIDE, she is unable to see it in battle or in her skill menu.
  • Also slightly reduced (Boss Battle) Minerva's MaxHP and damage output.
  • Fixed a handful of typos that were previously missed.

As always, thank you for your continued support and have fun! :)

PS - If you have no issues with the difficulty thus far, the only real reason to update the game at this point would be to “fix” Trish’s GAIAN TIDE ability. If you’ve already upgraded GAIAN TIDE to it’s next tier, then this bug no longer affects you.
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