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Eternal Twilight - Demo v0.5.32 Released!

Demo v0.5.32 is now live! - Skill learn system, Equipment Randomization changes, and boss mechanic changes.

Skill Learn System Changes:
  • Skills across all players have a uniform "AP" cost of 300 AP for the base skill, and then 325-350 to upgrade the skill.
  • Players must now unlock all of the base skills before they are able to spend AP to upgrade those skills. I made this change for balancing purposes. It was hard to design boss fights without knowing which abilities the player chose to unlock first. Now, I will have a general idea of what level player should be by a certain boss, and then account for how many skills the player should have unlocked by that point, allowing me to better design bosses that won't be unbeatable if player hasn't unlocked a certain skill.
  • The "Unleash Potential" passive that is learned upon upgrading a certain amount of skills across the whole party now only provides +25 HP per upgrade instead of +50. The damage/healing boost remains the same.

Equipment Changes:
  • Certain secondary bonuses have been slightly tweaked.
  • The "of regeneration" bonus that armors can roll heals for 50% less, BUT,
    may now stack. The player may now equip up to 4 of these items, which will essentially double what the effect used to be prior to this change.
  • Many armors and weapons now drop "gems" (sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc - these sell for gold) when siphoned for essence using the Junk Siphon.

Character/Skill Changes:
  • Wyvern Strike now deals 10% more damage.
  • Frenzied Barrage now deals 10% less damage.
  • Healing Rain (Luna's Soul Trigger ability) now restores 20% more HP to the party.

  • Wind Chi now deals increasingly more damage for every debuff Trish has on the target.
  • Gaian Tide now refreshes AND spreads all of Trish's current debuffs on her target to the target's party. This ability used to only spread her Poison and Fire damage over time, but now also spreads her Armor and Magic Damage debuffs.
  • The Mana Fountain buff given to the party by using Flaming Whirl (Trish's Soul Trigger ability) now provides double the MP restoration than it did before.

Boss Mechanic Changes:
  • Vygor will now place a debuff on the party member that he will focus his single-target abilities on. This should help the player know who to guard/heal when Vygor gets to lower HP and can 1-shot a character if the character is targeted back-to-back.
  • Vygor now enrages at 40% (was 20%), dealing 15% more damage and leeching HP equal to 15% of the damage he deals.
  • Vygor's total HP has been reduced by 10% to compensate for these changes.

  • Dark Energize no longer gives Minerva 100% Critical Hit Chance, but rather,
    allows her single-target abilities to deal "splash" damage to all party members equal to 30% of the initial damage done to the main target.
  • Cursed Touch (cast when she reaches 70% HP) is now a 2-turn debuff that will add a +2 cooldown to ANY abilities cast while the debuff is active.
  • Omega Vampirism (cast when she reaches 40% HP) is a new ability that will place a damage over time effect on the whole party. This debuff has an infinite duration and will drain about 15% of every party member's HP and restore a portion of the damage done to Minerva's health. This debuff can be removed via Damien's Purify ability.

I hope you enjoy! :D