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"Soul Trigger" Action Sequences

A showcase of the Soul Trigger (Ultimate moves) abilities of Eternal Twilight. With the newly added "Improved Battlebacks" plugin by Yanfly, I was able to spruce up the Soul Triggers a bit and make them a bit flashier than before. Let me know what you think! :D


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So that's Armageddon.
I never used it because the description said to deal the enemy just 10% more damage.
So this is something you have to change, too.
Armageddon looks remarkably similar to my game's final boss's signature spell, Cataclysmic Storm... XD

-goes back to the drawing board-
@Firefly84: Good point. I went ahead and updated the skill description to reflect that is also does damage to enemies. I've gone ahead and did this to other abilities, such as Dampen Magic, Shatter Armor, and Crippling Shot.

@squallstorm: Uh-oh!
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