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Version 1.04 Available

Edit 11/16: Another Small Update
  • Hopefully fixed more passability issues
  • Added an event between Serenity Mountain and the Swamp so I'm not losing people to lack-of-story-boredom
  • Added a new spellbook for Aislyn to learn a new spell!
  • Daer has a new ability as well
  • Monsters will now respawn after 2~3 minutes

Important Bug!
Don't leave the map or save and return during the Marsh Puzzle. I am using Yanfly's "Save Event" plugin (it works between battle events) but it doesn't seem to work whenever you leave and come back. I need to figure that one out.


I took some of your feedback and fixed up the game a bit. Here's the change log:
  • Fixed some passability, grammar, and event issues
  • Added music to the beginning =]
  • No more random encounters! All monsters are evented. Let me know if you find yourself underleveled for the boss, though.
  • Added "Through" to the dead enemies so you shouldn't get stuck anymore
  • Increased Daer's hit rate from 95% to 100% (not sure why he missed so often - he has the highest agi and luk in the bunch!)
  • Added unique battle commands to make things a little less generic
  • Battle Sequences! Only for Lightning Bolt, Magic Missile, Daer's Attack, and Backstab. I'll add the rest later.

I still have a ways to go. I want to add more secret places, more things to interact with, more personality to Cypressa's denizens. But I didn't want to keep a broken up for download either.

Just keep in mind that it's still an unfinished demo / Chapter 1 =] Giving me your feedback (especially bug fixes) helps guide my decisions.

If you're interested in becoming a play tester for my future chapters, let me know! It'd be great to have people to test my games before I release them to the public.

Thanks again, guys!


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