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20 years after the Barbarian Invasion was successfully ended, peace crept upon the land. Most of the cities razed, the few survivors were left to eke a out a living with an increasing number of monsters while taking up the Old Ways of Agriculture to earn their sustenance.

In Farm Life 2040, you play Jack the Rancher on a quest to raise enough money to purchase some furnishings for your Spartan home. Your goal's are simple and the game short, but it's an amusing romp through the 6 Day World of Jack the Rancher!


Do Battle with 3 insidious enemies! (You can spam attack if you want to die.)

Ride a horse!

Sprinkle Ale on your crops!

The whole game takes about 11 mins and 37 seconds!

A story suggested by Insanity Jam Game Idea Generator!

This game was tossed together for MVLympics GamMak Event! I've spent the last 2 weeks adding some easter eggs and polish. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • philteredkhaos
  • RPG Maker MV
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  • 11/13/2015 09:29 PM
  • 01/09/2017 07:49 AM
  • 11/27/2016
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Got some hate for me? Leave it below! Love is also welcomed. :))
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Games too short. cant bring myself to care about anything in it.
theres nothing for characters and plot and almost nonexistent gameplay.
you even get stuck in your house after "sleeping" which after the second time i could no even try it any more and the guy keeps saying. i need to sleep.

unless theres a glitch that stops you from seeing the next day. this was a utterly pointless experience.
Hello! Thanks for your input, sorry to hear you didn't like it.

I can't seem to replicate the sleeping bug you are talking about. I have just gotten done replaying it a few times, and I hadn't gotten stuck in my house (or anywhere) either before or after watering crops. You shouldn't even be able to enter the house without completing the day's tasks.

Have you any suggestions on how I could thicken the plot a little? It was made for a 1 week contest, so it is admittedly light and writing is not my strong point, so any suggestions would be welcomed.

I show case a few of the glitches in my Let's Play as well as mention a game ending bug that I encountered in the forest.
Ok, thank you. I thought I had quashed them all...

I watched your vid, and I see a few things I should definitely fix. Namely, you don't really need to access the menu. At all. And damn it, I thought I copied the bed event.

I don't know how you got to that title screen... I am using a Plugin by Tsukihime for showing a splashscreen and animated titles...Weird you bypassed that.

I swear to the gods my next game release will not be as... bugged.
And I am going to work on getting these glaring issues fixed. Thanks for playing. Sorry you guys basically became my testers...
Made some overhauls to this game. The bugs are gone. I forgot to mention it a long time ago, but they've been gone for a while.

More games coming, mostly non-RPG Maker made! (I got fusion Developer!)
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