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Craig the local potion maker wants nothing more than to get to his potion shop and start his day--but, to his horror, he appears to have been barricaded inside of his own house overnight. Using the materials found around him, Craig must figure a way out and get to his shop so that he might be able to get on with his day.
You are Craig.

+ 100% custom visuals
+ Classic item-based puzzles
+ Expansive exploration accompanied by copious amounts of witty & humorous writing
+ Anywhere from 20-50 minutes of gameplay depending on your preference for dialogue and proficiency at puzzles
+ Plays on PC and Mac!

Craig is a very short, simple, demo-esque adventure game created in RMMV in about a week. It was used to learn the ins and outs of eventing, working with sprites/tiles, and getting a feel of RMMV vs VXA (though this is my first completed RM project in general). If all goes well, it may be expanded into a bigger, fuller game, though under a different title.
Special thanks to mr-hatta and bennabun for playtesting!

*** Best played in windowed mode! Is known to lag at fullscreen.
Keyboard control recommended, but mouse control supported.
Stuck on a puzzle? Check everything. Just because an object spans more than one tile doesn't mean that it only has one point of examination!

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  • Puzzle Adventure
  • 11/15/2015 04:41 PM
  • 12/18/2021 04:11 PM
  • 11/12/2015
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So I left the house and now I'm stuck.
Tried to use anything on everything .. couldn't get many more items than the potion ingredients, tho.

Is a lot of fun! I really love the style of dear Craig. Endearing and funny.
So I left the house and now I'm stuck.
Tried to use anything on everything .. couldn't get many more items than the potion ingredients, tho.

Is a lot of fun! I really love the style of dear Craig. Endearing and funny.

Have you taken Richard's stick yet? ;> It'll give you the WEDGE command for certain things you couldn't use an extra action on before. That'll help! And if you've already done all that--you might be overlooking something examinable!

But thanks so much! I really appreciate it.
Oh .. I could do that ...
Well, that's like me! Thank you. I triple checked everything else, haha.
"wait you made this a career?"
This was cute and fun, somethings were a little tricky to figure out but other then that I enjoyed it! Maybe you can have Richard hint about trading for a placemat if you don't have it yet?
Well, the standard logic is to use any and all items anyhow. So I think that is fine as it is, personally
It was pretty easy for me but, a nice little game. Would enjoy a longer version of it with more challenging puzzles.
... a longer version of it with more challenging puzzles.

That's the goal! From the positive response I've gotten from the game so far, it happening is extremely plausible. <: Hopefully with more practice putting together puzzles, I'll get more clever about them.
But thank you so much!

(thank you charblar too!)
I love escape-the-room kind of games, and this was so adorable! Craig's commentary was perfect and I would definitely play a longer one.
I had a lot of fun with this. Took me about 15 minutes to finish.

Craig is adorable and I love the style!
This seems cool. Are you okay with others doing let's plays of it?
I'd never even considered others might want to--but sure, feel free! <:
Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
This is lovely. I like the graphical style, and how every dialog box is full of personality and comedy. Craig sounds like one of those nice and intelligent, yet extremely insecure and anxious people.

The graphic adventure gameplay contained in the game is also pretty nice, not too complicated, but at the same time, it does make us think a lot. When I approached the last two things I had to do before the end, everything ended up narrowing down to trying everything everywhere, but other than these very last things, the rest was solved by logic and problem solving, which is nice :D

Oh, if only he had that MANLY PHYSIQUE xD
Thank you so much! :D
Perhaps one day, he may finally obtain his MANLY PHYSIQUE...
i can't seem to find out how to get out the house, any hints? But fromwhat i've done i REALLY love this!
Thanks! <:
Have you acquired/checked both potion recipes (it takes a couple clicks to get to item descriptions from the menu, but they're in there!)? That usually helps!
Yup, i have! :/ i seem to be lost at that point. I think i'm supposed to make something, but im not entirely sure.
You may want to check the desk, then! (note both ends of it can be examined)
Hi! I found your game while scouring for some new stuff to play. I thought it was beautiful and hope you guys will continue development on it - as much as I liked Henrietta, I would really like to see what's past her :P

The puzzles weren't that difficult once you remembered to go through all of the options on each object. But ultimately they made a lot of sense and were really funnily written. I've also made a playthrough of your very pretty game, so hopefully it'll drive more people here to badger you into continuing development :P

Oh gosh this was wonderful! Thanks so much for playing it, I'm so honored to have it LP'd!
And yes, one day we will see what's past Henrietta! I've already started on development for the full version :) Town and all!
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