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Oh, I know. I knooooow.

  • Liberty
  • 11/16/2015 06:11 AM
The demo is not complete. It ends when you get to the ladder. It probably has bugs aplenty. It might even be missing files. Fact of the matter is, I'm really only releasing this to get a badge. What can I say, I'll admit it - I'm a badge-whore. Me wanty the badgie.

That said, I will be finishing this up shortly. Gameplay currently consists of empty treasure chests and walking around. Oh, wait, I just made a walking simulator. Hey, yeah, okay, genre change time! Enjoy!

I kid, I kid! Don't expect battles in this game - instead, do expect some on-map shit instead. Puzzles and the like. Not that any of them got put in this demo - why? Because Fallout 4, that's why. Also, I only realised I wanted it to be Adventure in the last, oh, 5 minutes or so? Yeah. XD

Anyway, I don't really recommend playing it yet but I can't stop you if you want to. It's not my best piece of work and it's horribly rushed but there's writing and characters and writing and walking and walking and you can even jump by hitting CTRL, so... that's something?


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I'm really only releasing this to get a badge. What can I say, I'll admit it - I'm a badge-whore. Me wanty the badgie.

Oh, Liberty, seriously…? And here I thought that you had some sort of quality standard when it came to your games. :/

- And, lol, you can’t blame Fallout 4 for this. You’re supposed to be on the ball when it comes to these things! It’s like me blaming the Canucks’ recent losing streak on why my own stuff isn’t done yet. (Although that would be a good excuse, actually.)
That I have some sort of quality standard is 100% the reason I don't participate in most of these contests. The overhaul I gave Engalia after the contest it was created for finished is testament to that, even though YMMV. Maybe I should've taken Craze's idea of "make a butterfly collecting game" and just RTP'd the shit out of it. It wouldn't surprise me if it ended up higher rated than my "serious" games given what happened with Frog vs. Sore Losers...
Craze seems to speak from experience, so maybe he’s on to something there. Maybe you should make that, actually.

I dunno, the only game making related event that I’ve ever entered in was that Game Name Game contest last year and enjoyed semi-making something in a brief amount of time. It’s not something ideal for me, as I do like taking my time and making sure that the end result is what I want, but it definitely gave me a greater appreciation for all those involve who participate in those types of events that they’re able to make something decent in a short matter of time, and sometimes those types of games do actually better than those that have been worked on for months or even years! I guess it just depends, really, but it definitely opens up your eyes a little.

Sometimes I guess it’s just best to make something, anything, no matter what the quality is and just release it anyway and see how well it does. I mean, this game from Liberty isn’t quite a perfect example of that, lol, but there are others here that seem to have more success that way, like Craze does, for example.
Honestly? It's not complete crap - I was basically talking it down for comedic sake. The dungeon itself is fully explorable, it's just lacking some of the features that were planned... and an end of demo event. XD

Probably didn't help that I initially wanted random encounters then had a fit of FUCK IT when balancing turned into a pain, so... go go puzzle game! It's missing the puzzles but hey, there's story and characterisation and a dungeon, so it's got that going for it.
Okay, okay, it sounds like you at least tried to do your best with the amount of time given, so I can forgive you…(a little)
This game looks good. At least you got some things done before the dead line of the MVLympics contest. I ran out of time on my game for the MVLympics because of lack of RPG Maker MV plug ins at the time. XD
Anyway good luck on your game.
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