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What starts as a routine repair mission quickly turns into a grand adventure across the galaxy! Join Arnold, Samantha, and R.O.B. as they adventure their way through various planets and situations in search of the truth about Beacon Zero.

The game has a unique Badge system which rewards players for finding all the secrets, engaging the NPCs, and solving all the puzzles! Badges increase stats and give special abilities that help you on your journey.

Here's the link to the demo:

For anyone that does not know how:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Open the game folder
3. Double click 'Game.exe'
4, Enjoy!

Arrow keys to move, Enter to confirm/select, Esc to access menu. Supports a USB controller.

Questions/comments/concerns/ideas/bugs can be discussed here or on the FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/Beacon0 or here!

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Any chance that someone, ANYONE can try this out? I didn't post this game so nobody would see it. It has been shared with the RM community so that you can enjoy and give me feedback. Please play it, I promise it won't let you down!
You're magical to me.
Cool, I may give it a try tonight.

Also, you may want to upload your game to RMN rather than using a download link, or at least set the link up through the system, because right now, if I was looking at your game in a list of games, it would read as not having a download and thus not being playable.
Thank you unity, I'm still new to how this site works, but I know this is a great community and am confident that even one positive review will give my game the spark it needs to capture mass attention.
You're magical to me.
Alright, I went ahead and gave the game a shot. I played up to the first boss, who... well, has some problems, which I'll get to in a minute.

There's a lot of positive stuff here, as you've done a lot to make the game shine graphically and with plenty of events and polish. The new interface system you access by pressing SHIFT is also very cool. It does replace the button that the player uses for sprinting, so movement feels a lot slower in this game versus other RPG Maker games. Still, there are a ton of custom graphics and that's very nice.

However, the battles really need a lot of work as they often come off as tedious. The characters' options in battle feel very limited, as you stun repair bots and slowly grind down the enemies HP. The fact that ROB's normal attacks never do any damage feels a bit useless as well.

You fight the same three or four enemies over and over, and they aren't very diverse to begin with. Adding a couple more enemy types would definitely make the experience more fun.

The biggest problem is the boss, the "Aplha bot." (Is it supposed to be "Alpha Bot?") His defenses are so high that normal attacks and even ROB's laser do no damage to him at all, and so I had to keep using SP-restoring items so I could use moves that actually damaged him. And after a long time, when I thought that I had nearly beaten him, he restored 500 HP to himself! I couldn't have hurt him much more than that in all that time, and apparently he can do that at any point! That's not a good way for a boss to operate! If you're going to have a boss that can heal, don't have him be able to heal 50% of his HP at a whim!

So I didn't get to the end of the demo. There's some promise in this project, but the battle system and especially that boss really make it hard to enjoy the game.
Thankyou unity, spoiler alert, the demo ends upon defeating the Alpha bot :)

Ironically enough, I did make an error with the boss, although I did not know he was capable of restoring 500HP!

I would like your take on the actual story and characters if there was enough to comment on, that is.
You're magical to me.
Haha, so I was right near the end! :D

Yeah, the story and characters are pretty good, though I'd like to get to know more about them. Some more character interaction in future events would definitely be appreciated ^_^
I can assure you that the events immediately following the defeat of the Alpha Bot are compelling to say the least. Thank you so much for playing! You don't know how happy it makes me to see someone else enjoying what I have made! More to come!
You're magical to me.
^_^ Glad I could help!
I must be slightly retarded. I uploaded (I thought...twice) the file to RMN but it doesn't seem to be appearing. Any insight as to what I might be doing wrong? I uploaded the .zip
You're magical to me.
Did you go to Manage Games, then click on Downloads, and then Add Download?
Yes I did this twice, and it seemed that the upload completed both times. Perhaps I am uploading the wrong file type? Does that matter? I uploaded the same .zip that is on my DropBox, and even though it seems to complete the upload, no items are in the downloads list for this game afterwards...
Hi I just gave your game a try and I thought it was good XD obviously being Version 1.0 means it has its problems but it also has good points as well :)

The pro's

1. I like that the arts different its a change over the usual RPG maker stock graphics

2. The badge systems a nice addition

3. From what we got of the story it kept me engaged up to the end ^^

4. I also liked the intro sequence beats waking up in a bed like alot of games seem to do,

5. The huds also pretty nifty

Anyway a posts not going to help you at all its it just praise and I think Unity covered these but these are the problems I picked out.

The con's

1. I've noticed cash is pretty useless at this point, it would have been nice if the guy who you talk to after the first barrel fight sold you items instead of fully healed you, or if he at least charged you

2. You probably know this but the barrel enemy is to big so it clips under parts of the scenery such as trash heaps

3. R.O.B is kinda weird it just seems like it should have the most hp and as unity said it would be nice if its attack did just a little damage

4. some skills are pretty OP for instance you can stun enemies pretty much 100% if not 100% of the time, and R.O.B's crunch is far stronger than any of his other attacks and it doesn't cost that much more.

5. Finally pretty obvious one but the boss is bull XD I'm guessing since you were stopping it at this part you didn't care to much if it was beatable still kinda sucks though, not sure how much HP it has but I could only deal about 350-450 dmg before it spammed repair, lol funny thing is though you can run from the fight and it counts as you beating the boss for some reason so I guess I did technically beat it XD

Anyway hope this helps I'll totally play the next version you bring out ^^

Thank you so much for playing Kaliske! You pretty much nailed everything I was going for and pointed out the bugs and inconsistencies in there.

To be totally honest, my main pull is the story and graphics. The battle system will improve once I start using MV tools, but this game was already in production in VX Ace before MV was ever even announced.

I would really like more people to see this game, if anything, just for the way it looks. I believe (as you said) that it is nice to finally see some custom RTP content that also happens to be pre-rendered 3D models!

Thanks again and help me spread the word! Get this game in front of more people and I will continue to update it!
I would also like opinions on the music/sound since I designed all of that as well ^_^
No problem, oh and the music is excellent I wasn't sure if it was created by yourself or taken from a professional site so wasn't sure if I should comment on it lol so kudos there XD

Oh one last thing I thought was odd was the barrel enemies shading, when they walk forward the light should stay on one side but I'm guessing you inverted the 3d model to give the effect of it walking forward, that's just a nit pick though XD

And I guess while I'm nit picking lol it seems off that there's no shading on any of the buildings or barrels so they don't seem like they have any depth

Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
Yes I did this twice, and it seemed that the upload completed both times. Perhaps I am uploading the wrong file type? Does that matter? I uploaded the same .zip that is on my DropBox, and even though it seems to complete the upload, no items are in the downloads list for this game afterwards...

It should accept ZIP files, so, I'm not sure what's going on here. Though, as an alternative, since you have a Dropbox link, maybe use the URL option?

*Edit: As an aside, I keep reading this game's title as Bacon Zero, thus, associating it with one of the McBacon Jams.
Thank you for the replies. It's reassuring to know that people are enjoying my game:

@Kaliske: Shading is planned but not there yet and the barrel bot sprites were inverted as the game is not ready for polish just yet. I like that you thought the music might have been taken from a 'professional' site. It makes me happy knowing that you actually had to question its authenticity :)

@Marrend: I'll try it again and let you know what happens. Obviously if the download is available on this page that means it worked!
Alrightey, the download wasw added successfully. I was under the impression that I had to upload the game to RMN, but just putting in the URL seemed to have done the trick! Let's keep this party rolling! A new version will be out very soon :D

Thank you all again for expressing interest and playing. The more people I have interested, the better my game will be.
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