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Take on the role of...Minion, the monickered but unnamed myrmidon sent out to destroy the Magical Teddy Bears that have infested the Corrupted Forest of Doom.
Use your magic Fireball to torch the Teddies and restore chaos to the once doom-filled forest.


Short, Amusing, Non-Traditional RM game!
Blasting Teddy Bears to Hell!
Custom(ish) Graphics! (Ok, disappointingly few...but they're in there.)

This game was created as one (of two) game submissions for a Halloween contest on another site.

TBT 1.1: I have added 1 secret area, obtainable by slaying certain characters.

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Lol, nice work. I was wondering when you would find that cave...
I was trying to increase the amount of hits it takes before you destroy RikiFive, but the script I am using to shoot fireballs seems to limit my ability to do that.

I keep thinking about increasing the level count, too, but should I just add more levels with no story? It's got a pretty flimsy plot as it is...

Glad you didn't find anything game breaking! Lol, I was pretty sure I had gotten those out before I released it to the contest.
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