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Last Day of the King is an economic and war game, based on the reign and death of Charles I of England. The purpose of the game is simply to survive, with your crown and head intact, until the year 1650. Each game year you will be presented with a historical scenario that you must resolve, often with dire consequences. It is your job as monarch to deal with these scenarios, as well as foreign relations, royal finances, the management of the church, and the demands of Parliament. This game is deliberately difficult, in most circumstances you will end up beheaded. This is intentional, it is to illustrate the difficult situation that Charles I was thrust into. In this way it is somewhat sympathetic the Charles. Charles I was a victim of history and circumstance, a man steeped in tradition who was unable to deal with the massive political, religious, economic, and social changes that were happening around him. Alternatively the people of England, Ireland, and Scotland were radical. They craved new political and religious ways, and the old system was not sufficient to provide it for them. They needed to kill the king, by killing the king they were able to symbolically kill the medieval system and its roadblock to change.

You can control the game with the mouse or using the arrow keys, enter, and esc keys. When the map of England appears simply hit esc or right clip to bring up the command menu. Each month you can choose the royal priority:
Assets: Allows you to use various items you have collected
Parliament: Call on your parliament to request troops or money, be careful!
Economy: Increase your yearly income with investments
Accountant: See the status of the economy as well as current foreign relations levels
Scotland/France/Ireland/Spain: Interact with these countries in various ways, either to do war or improve relations
Tactics: View your currently learned battle tactics
Army Management: Resupply the army, or hire/press additional soldiers into service
Alms: Donate money to the poor
Army Status: View the battle power, defense, experience, health, etc of the army
Bank: Take out loans, or pay debts
Church: Provide the church with funding for additional religious projects
End Year: Skip the rest of the year and go directly to the next event
Options: Configure various options
Save: Record your progress to return later
Game End: Exit the game


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*mashes download button*

Fascinating stuff here, if you win the game does that inadvertently validate the divine right of kings?
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