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Title: Chelsea/ チェルシー

Description: Daniel’s anniversary with his childhood sweetheart, Chelsea, is fast approaching. He intends to propose to her - however, the engagement ring has gone missing! Daniel returns to their old home town of Angel’s Grove to look for the ring one last time. However, he’ll find that many things have changed since he left this familiar old town…

In this anime-styled 2D horror game, you play as Daniel on a quest to find the lost engagement ring and propose to the love of his life! Puzzles, riddles, and jumpscares await.

A few spooks and scares can’t get in the way of true love… Right?

Any Questions or issues can be addressed through our Ask box on Tumblr! ♥

  • Special Features:• Compatible with Mac & Windows!
    • 1-2 Hours of Game play!
    • Original Illustrations by yanovi
    • Original Soundtrack by Dibur, music composer for Yandere Simulator
    • Puzzle, chases, scares galore!

    Chelsea 2.0 - extended version with new items, maps, alternate ending, and more - available for $0.01 or more at http://chelsea-game.tumblr.com/download

    Developer's Notes:
    • Game is known to lag if played on an unplugged laptop/battery saving mode.
    • Any previous saved data from the free version of Chelsea cannot be transferred to Chelsea 2.0. A fresh new game is required to run the game bug-free.

Additional Asset Credits: Falln-Stock, Vidsplay, Survival Horror Music Pack, SumRndmDde, Galv, Sasuke KANNAZUKI, Sherman 3D, Pandamaru, ENTERBRAIN, INC (PV Games), Lunarea, Celianna.

Latest Blog

Horror Music Pack: "Chelsea" --- Royalty-free audio pack containing select tracks from "Chelsea"!

Hey everyone ♪

Dibur here! I have decided to release a FREE horror music asset pack containing 11 tracks from Chelsea. These tracks may be used, royalty-free, in any commercial or non-commercial game! This game’s soundtrack was inspired in part by Akira Yamaoka’s music work on Silent Hill, and is a blend of creepy atmospheric layering with dark melodies. 2spooky4u!

The tracks are optimized for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker VX Ace, but can be used in pretty much any game creation engine that supports .OGG audio files. Just make sure you properly credit me (instructions on how to do this are included in the ZIP file) and let me know that you’ve used my music in your game! (A free copy of your game would be nice too~ ^o^)

You can download the pack here: http://dibur.moe/assets

And if you haven’t played Chelsea yet, you can download it here: http://chelsea-game.tumblr.com/download

Enjoy the music pack! I can’t wait to see/hear how fellow horror game devs use it!

♪ Dibur
  • Completed
  • YureiDarling
  • dibur
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 11/18/2015 08:55 PM
  • 02/25/2018 05:37 PM
  • 11/26/2015
  • 154861
  • 54
  • 7503


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chelsea 2.0 after i put the code
the angels statue kill the mc
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Did you do all the steps leading up to that point? On my 2nd play I figured I'd take a shortcut since I knew the code. So I put in the code prematurely. I died. I laughed.
Downloaded this game a while ago, and just began playing it recently.

I'm really impressed so far. You did a great job with it. I'm really digging the atmosphere and story. I should have played it sooner! :)

I can't get into the shed in the central park, I've watched the walkthrough but it doesn't mention it. And I've already searched everywhere but I still can't find a way in. How can I get in there ???
help. I'm stuck in the game.

I am in the part where I will get the ring in well.

i need a bucket and rope.

I have the bucket and i take a scissors in the shed (central park)

but I can not find the rope. Where is it? I could not get the ring in well.

i am playing spanish version.
How did you get the scissors???
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
It's not in the video because it's from the update and the video was made before the new content was added. I'm not sure if the official guide is updated for it or not but you can find it here http://chelsea-game.tumblr.com/Walkthrough

I honestly don't remember for either of your questions but I'm pretty sure the scissors are in the shed in central park, so the answers are connected.
that angel statue... lord have mercy
I painted for personal RPG program but how fabricators has become mentally confused please help, and im Bad in engilsh sorry > .. <
I am stuck I don't understand the hint given in the theathre movie. I watched it more than 10 times and still don't understand it ... :o

hey man, i had the same problem
i thought so hard on it and watched the vid multyplies and then i understood it

ill tell u how to pass it,

u need to go to the classroom 2-B and go to the board and write SANDBOX
Huh, I really got interested by your game! And I have permission to translate it into Portuguese?
Just finished this game... It actually made me shed a few tears, impressive.
Wow. I'm stuck. Admittedly I did just get back from a party so my mindset might not be right.

Locket, 3 pages, Flashlight, Record, Pail, Daniel's Key, Crayon, Engagement Ring

I can do the
4 angels puzzle up until the one that's facing south. If I go east or west the dungeon loops. If I go north or south I die
. I think I need to overcome it but the clues in the library don't seem to be the answer. Am I even struggling with the right puzzle?
Haaa... I am finished I dunno why but in the end I cryed...But still what is the name of that mysterious guy? He's sooo good looking sooo rawrrr *^* <3 I hope you make more of these games.... But please don't make the enemies soo fast I almost got a heart attack while running away..ps. When I was almost at the ending where I ..
was by the well to get the ring out I used this bucket from the kid to get it out then I walked to the other map and then bomm!! Game crashed.
But still the ending is so saad. whyyyyyyyyyyyy QwQ
Oh, got the name "Chelsea" then I remembered a sad-ending appeared somewhere in my head so I've just tried to read a cmt for happy end...
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