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Horror Music Pack: "Chelsea" --- Royalty-free audio pack containing select tracks from "Chelsea"!

Hey everyone ♪

Dibur here! I have decided to release a FREE horror music asset pack containing 11 tracks from Chelsea. These tracks may be used, royalty-free, in any commercial or non-commercial game! This game’s soundtrack was inspired in part by Akira Yamaoka’s music work on Silent Hill, and is a blend of creepy atmospheric layering with dark melodies. 2spooky4u!

The tracks are optimized for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker VX Ace, but can be used in pretty much any game creation engine that supports .OGG audio files. Just make sure you properly credit me (instructions on how to do this are included in the ZIP file) and let me know that you’ve used my music in your game! (A free copy of your game would be nice too~ ^o^)

You can download the pack here: http://dibur.moe/assets

And if you haven’t played Chelsea yet, you can download it here: http://chelsea-game.tumblr.com/download

Enjoy the music pack! I can’t wait to see/hear how fellow horror game devs use it!

♪ Dibur


"Chelsea" 2.0 Update - Now available for $0.01 or more

Happy New Year! ╰(・∇・╰)

A new update for "Chelsea" is out now! The update is available exclusively via Humble Bundle Widget for any price you want, starting at one cent ($0.01). The new update includes:
• Bug Fixes
• New Items and Areas
• New Spooks and Puzzles
• New Illustrations and Music Tracks
• Extended End & Bonus Scene

If you enjoyed the free version of "Chelsea" and would like to tip the developers and enjoy an extended version of the game, this is a great way to do so! We suggest a price of $1.99, but again, you can choose to pay as low as 1 cent. The 2.0 update also includes the complete "Chelsea" soundtrack by Dibur, composer for Yandere Simulator, in MP3 and FLAC formats.

Get Chelsea 2.0 here: http://chelsea-game.tumblr.com/download

NOTE: Any previous saved data from the free version of Chelsea cannot be transferred to Chelsea 2.0. A fresh new game is required to run the game bug-free.


"Chelsea" OST now available!

The original soundtrack to “Chelsea” is now available via BandCamp! The album includes 17 tracks composed and produced by Yandere Simulator composer, Dibur. The album also features a brand new full-length vocal song, “Chrysanthemum”, featuring vocals and lyrics by yanovi!

The album is available for pay-what-you-want pricing; you can pay whatever amount you think the album is worth (whether it’s $0 or $1,000,000). If you’d like to tip the developers of “Chelsea” for their hard work, this is a great way to do so! (We recommend $5, but it’s your call! ^_^)

Buy/Download Link: https://dibur.bandcamp.com/album/chelsea-ost


"Chelsea" Original Soundtrack - Out on 12/6/2015! ♪

Hey folks! Dibur, the musical and programmy half of Yūrei Darling, here~

We are releasing the original soundtrack to "Chelsea" on December 6, 2015! The album will be available on Bandcamp, at a "Pay what you want" price - pay as little or as much as you want! If you enjoyed "Chelsea" and want to tip the devs for their hard work, or if you'd simply like to help yanovi and I out with our game dev endeavors (gamedeavors? ..ok I'll shut up now), this is a great way to do so! ♥

The album will feature 17 tracks, including a few brand new ones that didn't make it into the initial release. All the tracks have been remastered, extended, and rearranged for casual listening, like this one:

Why yes, this is in fact the mysterious cloaked bishonen dude's theme, now with twice the 80s guitar solos!

Thank you all for your support, and for giving "Chelsea" and Yūrei Darling a warm welcome to RMN! Can't wait to share the finished soundtrack with y'all ♥



Chelsea Walkthrough

Due to popular request, we created walkthrough!

This walkthrough was written to give hints and also avoid as many spoilers as possible. But, be careful not to scroll too far down, as you might see the hints to the following puzzles.

If you’re stuck despite the hints, highlight between the parentheses to get a straightforward answer!

The Chelsea Walkthrough is available here on our Tumblr
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