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Available on Steam! Special discount - offer ends 10 December!
Steam Page

On Ludus, ancient terror beasts and humans somehow coexist in perfect harmony. Yet once every few hundred years or so, a predictably unpredictable astrological phenomenon occurs wherein some angry people from the sky arrive from their dimension, "Terra". Whenever they arrive, a fleet of floating islands are brought along and make up the battlefields where the humans and the beasts battle for the amusement of the angry Skygods.

Welcome to Monstro. A fully deterministic logic game which plays like a tactical RPG but without RP, character growth or randomness. Fight the opposing army on the battlefield, which just so happens to be made up of conveniently perfect squares. Survive the onslaught and strike back to be the last one standing. Or, occasionally, do something else the evil Skygods want to be done for their own amusement.

It is like chess but the units have statistics and your opponent is noticeably dumber than the average grandmaster.


Monstro is an indie game that I have co-designed and created art for, as Retrocade.net. While it's not an RPG, I'm sure many of you are fond of strategy, puzzles and pixel art graphics! ;)

List of features:
  • A puzzle game with completely deterministic and repeatable set of rules which still feels like playing a tRPG.
  • And even though it plays like a tRPG there are no RPG elements, so it feels more like a t.
  • A tongue-in-cheek plot, much better than the previous bullet point!
  • No need to tediously repeat the same sequence of moves over and over if you lose, because undo is here! Undo a single move, undo all moves back to the beginning of the mission, undo if you fail the mission and even undo if you are victorious!
  • Learn the rules of the enemy AI and use them for your victory. Or read them up because everything is in the in-game help!
  • Real-time lighting which adds new depth to the crisp pixel art.
  • Traps, pimped-up units, moving walls and breakable walls, ranged attacks and quick feedback on predicted enemy movement.
  • Achievements (currently being worked on) that give second life to missions you've already completed.
  • Trading Cards (currently being worked on).
  • Skygods, hand-drawn islands, ancient terror beasts, Goos with :3 faces and the background pushed around by an artificial wind.

Latest Blog

Monstro is out!

First of all, let me thank the RPGMaker.Net team for letting me post and promote our game here!

Monstro: Battle Tactics is now available on Steam!
Steam Page

While tactical RPGs were a direct inspiration for our project, we're also enthusiasts of puzzle games and we wanted to put a little twist on the formula - we made a tactical game which plays by puzzle rules - there are no RPG elements and the gameplay is purely deterministic. My friend Maurycy Zarzycki is responsible for the game concept, level design and code, and I, Aleksander Kowalczyk (Cage), have been working hard on the presentation. Music has been scored by amazing Jesse Valentine.

The game is currently on discount, but if you're not sure if it's your thing, there's a first impression video on YouTube (however the version of the game is already outdated) and an in-progress LP. We hope to have more coverage soon.

Thanks again, I will keep posting updates on the project on the blog and feel free to fire up any questions about Monstro!
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  • 11/19/2015 08:21 PM
  • 12/12/2015 02:58 AM
  • 12/03/2015
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I saw this on Reddit and it was pretty sweet! Awesome.
My only grip with it is that although it has awesome graphics, some elements don't do it justice (I think, for instance, that the GUI at times drags the beautiful map / unit graphics down)
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